Pregnancy Sex Tips: Oral Sex With Baby On Board

Is it safe for him to give you oral sex now that you're pregnant? Find out.


I know what you're thinking. Do you have to stop having oral sex when you're pregnant? I'm Dr. Logan Levkoff, and here is the low-down on oral sex and pregnancy. It's not a surprise that women wanna know about oral sex. We like it, and chances are that we don't want it to stop when we're pregnant, especially if that's the only way that we can have an orgasm. So if you or your partner are concerned about oral sex, don't be. It's totally okay to have oral sex while you're pregnant. So lay back and enjoy, but there is a caveat to all of this and lots of discussion about this, too. So brace yourself. Oral sex is safe as long as your partner doesn't blow air into your vagina because that can cause an embolism and harm you in your pregnancy, but I know what you're thinking. Why would anyone blow air up there, anyway? That's another issue entirely. So, as long as your partner doesn't take blow job too literally, it's all good.

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