A Low Sex Drive

If you're concerned about your diminished interest in sex, these tips can help.

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Some women feel sexier than ever during the 1st trimester. Others have the exact opposite feeling -- they have zero interest in sex. If you're exhausted and nauseated, it's no surprise that you don't feel sexy or that your sex drive shifts into low gear during your 1st trimester. Your libido should pick up again in the 2nd trimester, when morning sickness is likely to be gone and you feel somewhat more energetic.

If your lack of interest in sex bothers your partner, work together to find other ways to connect. Watch a movie together, lie in bed reading, take a walk, or play board games -- anything to keep you close.

Remember that this may be a difficult time for your partner because all the attention is on you and your pregnancy, making him feel forgotten. Add to that your decreased desire, and you may end up with a very cranky guy. Reach out to your partner in sensual ways even when you don't feel like carrying through. Rub his shoulders, hold hands, or give him a kiss when you pass each other in the hallway. By paying attention to him and making him feel extra special, you'll help him get through this low-libido time.

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