4 Common Questions About Sex During Pregnancy

What you should know about doing the deed with a baby on board.

Pregnant women may worry that sex may harm the baby inside the uterus, but sex is a normal part of pregnancy. (Intercourse movement or penetration doesn't harm the baby, but in the final weeks of pregnancy many doctors suggest avoiding sex as a safety precaution, since hormones present in semen may stimulate contractions.) Other than that, there's no reason to make changes in your sex life during pregnancy, unless your specialist suggests it, or you have a medical condition. Ready to get busy? Let's answer a few common questions first.

1. Is pregnancy sex all that different from regular sex?

Due to some changes during pregnancy, many women may feel different while having sex. Certain changes take place; the increased blood flow to the lower parts of the body can heighten sensitivity in some women, while for many others vaginal fluid changes make for an easier time. But not all women are so lucky. Some may feel tired because of hormonal changes, and the influx of blood can make them feel uncomfortable and cranky.

2. Does pregnancy affect a woman's libido?

Pregnancy is not the same for every woman, but some women experience low sexual desire because of the hormonal changes. The first few months of pregnancy can be very difficult for some women; it may lead to tiredness, nausea and irritability. Mostly in the second trimester, the libido returns as these symptoms decreases, and she again feels energetic.

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3. Will pregnancy affect the father's sex drive?

Since your partner may become anxious and doesn't want to hurt you or the baby, pregnancy often makes him uncomfortable with intercourse. Alternatively, he may also find you more attractive as you get curvier day by day. Talk freely with your partner, and tell him your feelings. There are other ways also to enjoy each other's company if you both are not ready for intercourse.

4. Which positions are most comfortable for pregnancy sex?

Your normal positions may become uncomfortable as your belly starts to interfere, and it may become awkward. You have to try other positions that are comfortable. The following are alternative sex positions to try while you are pregnant:

  • While you straddle him, let your partner sit on a chair.
  • To keep the weight off of your stomach, let your partner lie on his back while you straddle. You can also control penetration and pace in this position.
  • To avoid deep penetration, lie on your side and let your partner lie behind you.
  • With your feet and legs bent, lie on edge of the bed. Tell your partner to stand or kneel between your legs. After the first trimester, use a pillow under one side; don't lie flat on your back.

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