Third Trimester To-Do List

As you're entering the final weeks of your pregnancy here are some items you'll want to check off your to-do list. Check out the related links section for more in-depth information.

    To do:

    • Buy or borrow basic baby gear and clothes. Print out our Nursery Basics shopping list.
    • Wash baby's linens and clothes. Wash just enough baby clothes for the first few days -- if Junior turns out to be a whopper, you may want to exchange some of those tiny newborn outfits!
    • Start setting up the nursery.
    • Do a home safety check. Get pointers in our babyproofing guide.
    • Stock the medicine cabinet. Find out what you need on our First Aid Kit shopping list.
    • Write up a birth plan. See our Birth Plans and Options checklist for help with this.
    • Pre-register with the hospital.
    • Pack for the hospital. Check out our Essential Birth & Labor checklist for what to bring.
    • Stock the freezer.
    • Arrange for help postpartum, (doula, relatives, friends, or baby nurse)
    • Choose a pediatrician. Read our article about finding a great baby doctor.
    • Buy or borrow a few nursing tops and nightgowns (if you're planning to breast-feed)

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