Meet the Play Yard

What a play yard is and why it is helpful.


-Hi, I'm Hally Shefland from American Baby Magazine and I'm here to tell you what a play yard is and why you need one. A play yard can have a long life in your house. At first it starts as a second changing station or nap spot for your new born then it can be used as a play pen to keep your baby contained and play. It can also be used as a travel crib and some families even use it in place of a regular crib. If you know you'll be using a play yard as a changing station or bassinet, choose one that has diaper storage, a mobile and other features that make it easy for you and fun for your baby. Chances are you'll be setting it up and leaving it out, so portability isn't an issue and the extra features offer you flexibility. If on the other hand you'll be using your play yard as a travel crib or play pen, choose a basic one that's easy to open out and close up. That's because you'll be movie it around and wanna store it between uses.

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