Checklist: Surprising Pregnancy Budget Blunders

The extra cost of checkups, tests, nursery staples, and maternity clothes you knew about. But here are some under-the-radar things that moms say you should also keep in mind as you?re budgeting for pregnancy and baby.

___ More frequent salon trips. Hormonal changes can make your hair appear thicker. So if you got away with trims every six to eight weeks, you may now need them every four to six -- especially if you have a short or high-maintenance 'do.

___ Stocking up on new shoes. A lot of women go up a half or whole size during pregnancy (due to weight gain, swelling, and hormonal changes) and suddenly find they need new kicks. Even if your feet don't get bigger, once your belly grows, you might find that your favorite stilettos feel uncomfortable -- and you definitely don't want to be balancing in them when the bump comes in.

___ Gorging on groceries. You're probably more focused than usual on having plenty of healthy fruits, veggies, and lean protein these days -- all of which can be pricier than, say, the way pre-pregnancy you may have skipped breakfast altogether or gulped down any old thing for lunch. Plus, you're eating a bit more now -- and more often. But upgrading your grocery budget for good, nutritious food is worth every penny!

___ An extra hand. When you're feeling queasy or completely wiped out, the last thing you're going to want to do is clean the house, weed the garden, or do buckets of laundry. So consider sending the dirty clothes out to be washed or have a cleaning service come in once a month to dust and vacuum. Any time- or energy-saving service you can afford will be soooo worth it!

___ Occasional pg indulgences. Whether you really want professional pregnancy portraits taken or suddenly discover you "need" monthly massages, know that a lot of the luxe stuff can get pricey fast. Plan for them now so you don't get surprised later.

___ Date nights! They're a great way to stay close early in pregnancy when you're not in the mood to get it on, but still want to do something romantic with your partner. And later, as D-day nears, many new moms advise getting out as much as possible, before you have to deal with the whole babysitter thing or the logistics of bringing an infant out to dinner.

___ Think super small. Those daily $3 milk shake runs (yum!) do add up, believe it or not.

___ And really big. Maybe you've been dying to get a new washer and dryer for months, or realize that now's the best time to get rid of that 10-year-old car you've been driving since college. Many preggo couples decide to take care of some pricey household purchases before baby arrives.

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