29 Ways to Chart All of Your Pregnancy Needs

Be prepared to share your detailed information with everyone: your medical history with your doctor, your 1 AM pickle cravings with your partner, and your contractions with your prenatal provider. Our A-Z pregnancy downloads make things easy!

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My Prenatal Visits

My Prenatal Visits

Log all your important health information and tally Baby's growth with this helpful prenatal visit chart. You'll be able to keep all your favorite stats in one place!

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My Medical History

My Medical History

The information you log about your medical history will help you (and your doctor) better understand you and your partner's medical risks.

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My Medical Records

My Medical Records

Record your medical results from blood tests to your Pap smears to help your doctor better understand your prenatal needs.

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My Food Cravings

My Food Cravings

Before your food cravings get unbearable, track them here to tell yourself what to stock in the pantry (and what to leave out).

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My Food & Diet Progress

My Food & Diet Progress

Use this ready-made chart to ensure you're getting the right amount of nutrients, water, and exercise to keep both you and

Baby healthy.

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My Pregnancy Firsts

My Firsts

These firsts may not be ones you want to log right now, but you'll enjoy reading them after your baby is finally a newborn.

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My Due Date

My Due Date

These milestones are ones you'll want to track; the sound of baby's first heartbeat will strike a chord you'll play over and over again.

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Choosing My Doctor

Choosing My Doctor

One of the most important decisions you and your partner can make is choosing your doctor. Here we give you a step-by-step guide on how to find a doctor compatible with your pregnancy needs.

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Finding a Pediatrician

Finding a Pediatrician

If you haven't started looking for a pediatrician, don't stress. Ask these questions to ensure that you and your baby's expert are a good match.

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Monitoring My Baby's Movements

Monitoring My Baby

This chart will help you track baby's kicking so you're not left guessing.

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Evaluating Work Hazards

Evaluating Work Hazards

You want to ensure your baby's perfect health before he takes his first breaths outside of the comfort of your belly. Here is a list of baby-toxic chemicals to ask your employer about.

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Evaluating Home Hazards

Evaluating Home Hazards

Sometimes, a baby hazard could be lurking in your own home. Here's a list of tricky offenders you won't want to just skim over.

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Childbirth Education Class Check List

Childbirth Education Classes

Lists of childbirth education classes can be tricky to navigate. Here's a concise chart to help narrow them down.

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Baby Announcements

Baby Announcements

Make spreading the news of your little one easy with this ready-made spreadsheet.

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Baby Care Supply List

Baby Care Supply List

Nothing beats shopping for baby clothes, bassinets, and bottles when you're pregnant. Here's a checklist to give you more time to choose between a pink or green color scheme.

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Baby Clothes Wish List

Baby Clothes Wish Lists

We've all heard stories about mothers who overload on baby clothes. This chart will help you keep your purchases (and your expectations) on track.

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Baby Gear Shopping List

Baby Gear Shopping

This shopping list will help you make sensible purchases for your baby's go-to gear.

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Your Checklist for Leaving Work

Checklist: Leaving Work

Before you leave the office for a few weeks (or months), make sure you complete the tasks that will make coming back that much easier.

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Maternity Leave

Your Maternity Leave

Now more than ever, take the time to plan out your timed leave from work. These questions will help you plan for the months after Baby arrives.

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Nursery Shopping List

Nursery Shopping List

To keep your baby's nursery optimized, don't buy more than you need. This checklist will help you while shopping (and give your credit card a rest).

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Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom

Make sure to log the good, the bad, and the completely ridiculous advice you receive while you?re pregnant. It?s make for plenty of helpful hints (and laughs) along the way!

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Name Games

Name Games

Picking your little one's name can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Here's a chart to help making your decision a little less frantic.

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Layette Checklist

Layette Checklist

Here?s another checklist to make sure you have all you need for Baby, while keeping you on track of spending.

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Baby

Baby's Hospital Bag Checklist

Before Baby finally comes, here?s a mini checklist of what she?ll need to keep warm and cozy on the ride home.

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Mom

Your Hospital Bag Checklist

Get ready for the big day and don't forget to pack essentials to help you feel more comfortable during your labor. Here's just what you'll need to prepare for, manage, and recover from childbirth.

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Hospital Bag Checklist for Dad

Your Partner's Hospital Bag Checklist

It's time to let Daddy do a little bit of the work. Use this list to pack for your hospital trip a few weeks beforehand. Better yet, kick back and let your husband pack for you.

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It's Delivery Day!

It's Delivery Day!

After nine months of planning and preparation, Baby is ready to meet the world. Make a list of important people to call at the last minute.

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My Contractions

My Contractions

Logging your contractions will benefit both you and your doctor -- and give you less to stress about on the big day.

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My Labor, Finally!

My Labor

Going into labor isn't an experience you'll probably ever forget, but recording your contractions, emotions, and other loved ones' reactions will make remembering that much more special.

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