Preparing for Baby

Time to start preparing for your baby's arrival! Getting started now will help you feel more confident once labor starts. Here you'll get shopping guides for you and Baby, discover bonding tips for you and your partner, and find out everything you need to prepare for your baby's arrival.

How Soon Can You Find Out the Sex of Your Baby?

Boy or girl? Here's everything you need to know about when you can find out the gender of your baby through ultrasound.

14 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives

There's a lot to do before giving birth. Here's how to pace yourself and prepare for baby.

25 Things to Do Before You Deliver

A planner for a sane (and fun!) third trimester: your last hurrah list, smart maternity-leave strategies, and crucial conversations to have with your partner before Birth Day.

11 Awesome Co-Ed Baby Shower Ideas

Instead of a traditional ladies-only baby shower, make the daddy-to-be and his friends part of the celebration, too. From food to games to decor, here are some gender-neutral baby shower ideas that will guarantee all your guests have a good time.

13 Amazing Push Gifts

All mamas-to-be deserve a push present. Check out our favorites from jewelry to vacations, so you can start dropping hints before you deliver.

Your Preparing for Baby Checklist

Few women who've done it would say that giving birth is easy. But preparing the way helps. Here are some last-minute tips to get ready for your big day.

10 Movies to Watch When You're Expecting

Pregnancy may be natural, but it's also surreal. (Think about it: There's a baby growing inside you!) It helps to know what you're in for -- which is why Hollywood can be a pregnant woman's BFF. From on-screen moms-to-be bitching about hemorrhoids or seducing their ob-gyns, these are the 10 best movies to watch when you're pregnant.

8 Questions About Having Baby Number Two

You're probably wondering how your new pregnancy will compare with your first. We've got the 411.

5 Things You'll Do Differently as a Second-Time Mom

There's a lot that changes when you have a second child. For starters: Your parenting expectations.

9 Things to Do to Get Your House in Order Before Baby Comes

Whether your due date is approaching or you feel the urge to get your home in tip-top shape, use this guide to get the work done.

How to Deal With Unwanted New-Baby Advice

When you have a new baby, suddenly everyone is an expert. Your family and friends may swoop in and tell you how to burp, feed, dress, and carry your baby, but here's how to deal with their sometimes questionable pearls of wisdom.

ICYMI: This Gender Reveal Didn't Exactly Go as Planned...or Did It?

See how this grandmom pulled off the ultimate double bluff!

Giving Birth: What To Bring to the Hospital

Rosie Pope shares a few key items you won't want to be without on delivery day.

Paulina Gretzky and Pro Golfer Hubby Tee Up Awesome Gender Reveal

Paulina Gretzky and husband Dustin Johnson announced the gender of their second child via this creative video posted to Instagram.

7 Tips for Buying a Car Seat

When shopping for a car seat, safety is always top of mind. There's only one way to take baby home from the hospital, and that is in an infant-safe car seat. Here are some tips for choosing the safest possible car seat for your little one.

Your Pregnancy: How To Calculate Your Due Date

Dr. Obosa Osawe helps you figure out when baby will really arrive.

Your Pregnancy Checklist

Our step-by-step guide to preparing for baby's debut.

Common Pregnancy Worries

Pregnant women worry -- a lot. We can help you take a time-out from everyday anxieties.

10 Fun Things to Do When You're Almost Due!

When you're 8 months pregnant (or more!) you're likely in serious nesting mode, and staring down a way-too-long to-do list. We're adding to it -- but don't worry, mama, this list is full of fun things to do before Baby arrives.

9 Pregnancy Gadgets

From the practical to the peculiar, here's a list of gadgets that may help you through the next nine months, or at least help make your pregnancy even more interesting.

Ins and Outs of Squatting Births

Feeling fidgety? Learn how squatting births can ease contractions, lessen your chances of a C-section and get your newborn baby into your arms ASAP.

Pregnant Mom Hilariously Spoofs April the Giraffe Baby Watch

Need a laugh? You've got to check out this expectant mama's parody video of the "pregnant giraffe watch" the internet has been buzzing about.

5 Ways Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Was Just Like Yours (and 4 Ways It Totally Wasn't)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have added baby boy Saint West to their brood! Here's a look back at Kardashian's second pregnancy, including the ways it was (and wasn't) just like anyone else's.

Snazz Up Your Stroller

Helpful and adorable stroller accessories.

All About Co-Sleepers

What you need to know about co-sleepers.

Meet the Jogging Stroller

What makes a stroller suitable for jogging and the safest way to use one.