This couple didn’t think they’d be able to conceive—but when they did, they chose to announce their news in a seriously funny way. We caught up with the couple to hear more of their story. 


February 16, 2017

Todd Krieg was paralyzed in a motocross crash, and because of his injury, doctors believed it would be nearly impossible for him to conceive naturally—but, against all odds, Todd and his fianceé, Amanda Diesen, are expecting their first child in August.

Todd and Amanda's story is the kind of thing that could bring you to tears...but it appears the couple would rather make people laugh. They shared news of their pregnancy in a hilarious shot that's going viral: The image features Todd flashing the camera a thumbs up sign while Amanda holds up the couple's sonogram. The best part? They're posing in front of the words, "It still works!" 

"We are both super goofy people and think we are the funniest people we know, so we wanted to portray that in our announcement," the couple said of the decision to make their announcement a funny one.

Todd was injured in 2014. "I have no feeling or functional movement below my chest," he said. "Finding out how much of a struggle it can be for people with spinal cord injuries to start a family was scary, as I always saw myself with a wife and multiple children. I know multiple people in wheelchairs that are trying to start a family and struggling, so this was definitely a blessing. Very unexpected, but we are so excited." 

But while the couple is so thankful that they were able to conceive, it hasn't all been easy. "We were both very shocked and overwhelmed when we first found out we were pregnant," the parents-to-be said. "We felt like we weren't ready or mature enough to become parents. We were afraid of being judged for having a baby before marriage. We quickly had to overcome those doubts to kind of look at this as a miracle."

Todd and Amanda aren't sure if they'll get married before or after the baby's arrival, but they know that saving up for the costs of raising their child would make throwing a big wedding tough. That's why they entered a contest to win a free wedding—which is actually how their pregnancy reveal went viral. 

"We are so glad people are mostly being very positive and find it hilarious, but it's so weird to see our picture everywhere," Amanda told us. "And having our social media accounts blow up is overwhelming as well. But we are both enjoying this moment and can't wait to tell our son about this fun time! We are thankful we'll be able to look back on this and have a fun story to share. We definitely did not expect it to go viral. I had just entered us into a contest in hopes of winning a free wedding. A friend posted that picture and our voting link on Reddit and that's when the picture just blew up!"

We've seen plenty of emotional pregnancy reveals and tons of funny announcements—but this one is a little bit of both, and that's what makes it so special. Props to Todd and Amanda for being able to find the humor in a poignant situation—this seriously might be the most adorable pregnancy reveal we've seen.