These moms share the crazy moments where they realized they had a baby on the way (and how they told their partners!).

By Libby Ryan

"I was walking my 2year old home from day care which is normally a super easy, nice 1 mile walk. It was a relatively nice summer day. All of a sudden I was so exhausted and weak I thought I would have to sit down on the sidewalk. I thought we had been trying (about 2 months) but we had so many problems getting pregnant with my son I thought it'd be impossible without medical intervention again. I grabbed a test on the way home anyway, took it that evening and it was negative. My husband asked, I said "negative" and we just continued our evening routine. A few minutes later my husband comes out of the bathroom with the stick, that I had forgotten to throw away, gross yes, but did I mention that a 1 mile walk had tired me out like I was running a marathon? "I thought you said it was negative" "it was" and he showed me the two lines and we both just started laughing." —Ava Frisbee

"We had been trying for a while and also had a miscarriage. A good friend of mine let us all know she was pregnant via text message around 9 p.m. I bawled for two hours. After the second hour of crying at my table, I decided there must be some reason why. I took the test and "pregnant" popped up immediately. I ran in the bedroom, jumped on the bed and told my husband I was pregnant. Then, I hopped into the car with the pregnancy test. I called my best friend a 11 pm, pulled up in front of her house, she came out and I had to show her the test. I needed another set of eyes to confirm that I, too, was pregnant." —Jessica Marie

"We had only been trying for 1 month, and I was scheduled to have sinus surgery. You have to take a pregnancy test before a surgery at the hospital so I took it, and they hooked me up to the iv and got me ready to go. Before the anesthesiologist came in, the nurse came in and said "Is there a chance you could be pregnant?" I answered "Well I guess." She said "Well you are." Talk about shocked. No surgery that day!" —Melissa Altman

"After 11 years of infertility we were pregnant with our miracle baby daughter!!! The Drs said we could not get pregnant on our own w/o intervention.Fast forward 2 years... My daughter just had the stomach bug. I got it just after her but mine was not going away. I was trying to lose that baby weight still but exercising was making me puke. "Wouldn't it be funny if you were pregnant" my mom says...then I thought to myself..when was the last time I had my period ... Never in my wildest dreams would I be pregnant.... So I bought a test and it turned positive..I didn't believe it so I purchased 5 more!!!! And so our family was completed by our second miracle baby our little boy." —Jean Putnam

"I got locked in the bathroom! After taking a pregnancy test, I gently set it on the counter and went to get my husband so we could wait together. I tried to unlock and open the bathroom door only the handle broke! I yelled for my husband to come help. As he is trying to pry the door open, I noticed the test had 2 very pink lines. "There's 2 lines!" I yelled out to him. "What does that mean?" He responded. To which I replied, "I'm pregnant, get me out of here!!" Soon, the door popped open and we celebrated!" —Randi Kash Cooperman

"It was Father's Day and I thought how cool would it be to announce my pregnancy to my Husband with a Father to be card. So I took a test and no lie the digital test took 10 minutes just to say "not pregnant". I was bummed because I really felt like I could have been. So the next day in the evening I just thought might as well take the other one and 2 seconds later it said "pregnant". Of course I was happy to be pregnant, but I wish the news came the day before lol. I ended up calling him and telling him that way instead of a cute card." —Aimee Hurtzig

"I realized I might be pregnant while getting on a cruise. The ship was late docking because of rough seas. It was recommended everyone take sea sickness medicine before boarding the ship. I took out the box for the dosing info and read, 'Don't take if pregnant.' I thought about and realized I was late." —Keri Katz

"We went through 2 years of aggressive infertility treatment with no luck. 32 negative pregnancy tests. After I stopped, I only had 2 periods in a twelve month span. It was New Year's Eve and I was taking a test just to be sure as I was a few weeks late. My 33rd test was positive! I called my husband at work because I couldn't wait 7 hours. He came home still crying." —Janel Strandgren Steinke


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