8 Meaningful Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas

After the storm comes the rainbow… baby. Here's some sweet inspiration for announcing a pregnancy following a loss.

rainbow baby

Pregnancy is an exciting time, and announcing a pregnancy with a rainbow baby can be even more significant for parents.

Born after a miscarriage or pregnancy loss, rainbow babies are a true gift. Sharing the good news is bittersweet for many parents because they are balancing the excitement of a new baby while honoring their past loss. Announcing the new arrival is a memorable way to invite loved ones that shared in the family's grief to celebrate a new baby-to-be. Rainbow babies are often called the sunshine after the storm and represent a new beginning.

Rainbow baby announcements can be bright and fun or inspirational and reflective. Here are some creative ways to share the special news.

What Is a Rainbow Baby?

The term "rainbow baby" describes a child who is born or adopted into a family that has previously experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. 

Sweet Rainbow Baby Announcement Ideas

1. Rainbow belly

Announce a rainbow baby with a painted rainbow belly. Parents-to-be paint their hands with rainbow colors and put them together to create a heart on a white T-shirt or even on a bare belly. It's a cute and colorful way to share the news. Get the siblings involved with their painted handprints too.

2. Fake a perfect rainbow

Catching the perfect rainbow in the wild isn't always possible, but getting creative with Photoshop or Canva is the next best thing. Superimposing a rainbow onto a photograph of the expecting parents creates a meaningful moment. While design skills are great, they aren't required. Several apps, like the Rainbow Love app, have filters and effects that create the perfect rainbow for you.

3. Rainbow drawing

Let big brother or sister—or cousins and friends—get involved and create a rainbow family drawing. Use chalk, paint, or watercolors to create a unique piece of art. Under one large rainbow, siblings draw each family member as a stick figure in one color of the rainbow, including the unborn babies or babies lost, and the one to come. Siblings will love to be included in the excitement of a new brother or sister.

4. Inspirational quotes

Rainbow babies represent the beauty of life after the storm of loss, and adding meaningful lyrics or inspirational quotes on a letter board is a simple way to express those feelings. Song lyrics like "Here Comes the Sun" or quotes like "There is a rainbow after every storm" are excellent ways to share the news. Or, if you're up for it, write your own message to express the grief that was felt and the joy of new beginnings.

5. Rainbow baby ultrasound

Ultrasounds are the first glimpse and confirmation of a special new baby-to-be, so why not use the image to spread the news? Share the sonogram in the rainbow baby announcement. Make rainbow-inspired art from the ultrasound photo by using a rainbow background or place the black and white photo on a pile of colorful confetti to let the world know there is a baby on the way.

6. Rainbow toys

Make the announcement playful by arranging colorful toys to share the news that a rainbow baby is coming. Use colored wooden blocks to spell out the baby's name or rainbow numbers for the due date.

7. Bright balloons

Lift off the celebration with bright rainbow balloons. Have a single balloon for each family members with a bouquet of rainbow balloons and the due date for the new addition to the family.

8. Rainbow T-shirts for the family

Get the whole family—parents, siblings, and, yes, even pets—involved in matching rainbow T-shirts with a matching rainbow onesie for the unborn baby on the way.

However expectant parents decide to make their rainbow baby announcement, they can be assured the special news will bring light and love to this exciting next chapter.

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