When is the best time to share your big news? Our expert weighs in on the answer.

Q. When should I tell people that I'm pregnant?

A. You may be so tickled with your pregnancy that you can't imagine why your exciting news isn't being broadcast worldwide. You're sure everyone knows you're pregnant just by looking at you. In fact, it will be many weeks before your pregnancy shows, so whom you choose to tell, and when, is really your choice. You might be someone who tells her sister, mother, and girlfriends about every event in her life, from hair coloring to career changes. In that case, confiding in them about your pregnancy is a natural impulse. Just remember that their reactions may be different from what you expected.

After 12 weeks, the risk of miscarriage decreases, so many women will wait at least until that milestone to share their good news.

One more consideration: If this pregnancy doesn't come to term, whom, of the people you've told, would you want to tell about a miscarriage? All in all, at this point in your pregnancy, it might be wisest to tell only a select few people who you know will be the most supportive.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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