Our Favorite Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcements

There are many reasons to be grateful at Thanksgiving: stretchy pants, tryptophan comas, and—for some lucky couples—a new baby on the way! Check out these sweet, creative Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement ideas we love.

Talking Turkey Molly B
Photo: Molly B Photography
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DIY Turkey Pregnancy Announcement

Teaching Mama
Teaching Mama

When it came time for Angela Thayer of Teaching Mama to announce her pregnancy, she let her two boys—and their hands—do the talking. "We wanted to tell our family on Thanksgiving, so I came up with a little craft for the boys and present for them to give to their grandparents," she says. Thayer traced her kiddos' hands (and made a tiny one for her unborn baby) then turned them into turkeys using googly eyes, feathers, and mini beaks made out of construction paper.

Turns out, sharing the big news was just as much fun as creating the announcement. "When it came time to tell our family, I had the boys hand an envelope to the grandparents and they opened it. Both sides had no idea this was coming! It was fun to see their reactions," she says.

Baby number three was born in August 2014.

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Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement

Corinna Hoffman Announcement
Corinna Hoffman Photography

Having a BFF who's a photographer has its perks, especially when it comes to capturing a Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement photo. Lori Butler found this out firsthand when she and husband Jason asked photographer Corinna Hoffman to do the honors. The couple knew what they wanted in the announcement photo: something gender neutral, something that echoed the best of fall (Lori's favorite season), and something that played off of "little pumpkin," their nickname for the baby.

With Corinna's help, they achieved a memorable, creative Thanksgiving baby announcement for family members. "We usually do holiday pictures once a year, so we told our families that we had new pictures taken, and asked if they would they like to see them," Lori says. "Of course they were totally shocked when they took a peek! It was such a fun way to share an incredible moment."

The Butlers' son was born in April 2015.

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Talking Turkey

Talking Turkey Molly B
Molly B Photography

"When I think of Thanksgiving, the cooking of food is one of the big things that pops into my mind," says Molly Sensenbrenner. So it was only natural that the photographer and mom of three wanted to riff on it in her Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement photo. (It didn't hurt that she managed to score matching turkey hats for her daughters in the dollar bin at Target.)

"I posted the picture on social media, and my friends and family loved it," she says. "Our little turkey, our third girl, Cora, was born that June."

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Thankful for Baby

Message Board Pregnancy Announcement
Kati Mallory Photo & Design

Sometimes, simple and sweet is the best way to go. Case in point: Aubri and Matt Duran's gorgeous Thanksgiving baby announcement, which they posted on Facebook. Inspiration for the photo shoot hit just before Thanksgiving, when the mom-to-be found the chalkboard at Target. The message she ended up writing? "Today I am thankful for Baby Duran."

"We were so very thankful to be pregnant," she explains. "That was probably how my heart truly felt the most at the time, so Thanksgiving was just the perfect timing for everything."

The Durans welcomed baby Trent in May 2014.

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A New Sibling

Penny Pinching Peach pregnancy announcement
Penny Pinching Peach

"I wanted a unique and fun pregnancy announcement that paid homage to the season as well as the fact that this child is a welcome blessing to us," says Keisha Gardner of Penny Pinching Peach. She broke the news to immediate family in person but decided to clue in her friends and distant family by posting these adorable photos on social media.

The tie-breaker picture was an especially big hit. "When we finally did announce that we were having a little girl, everyone was really excited to see who guessed correctly," she explained. "This helped build excitement that's sometimes missing when making announcements that aren't the first of anything."

Gardner's daughter was born in July 2015.

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Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirts


These T-shirts do double duty: They comfortably accommodate your post-Thanksgiving meal bloat, and they also announce that you're expecting a baby! The mother-to-be's T-shirt reads, "There's a turkey in this oven," while the father-to-be's says, "I put a turkey in that oven." Expect lots of laughter from your family and friends while wearing these funny garments!

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A Little Turkey

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Shirt
Courtesy of Etsy

These Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement shirts will also be a hit at your holiday party! The wording plays off of popular Thanksgiving dinner dishes. The mom's shirt reads, "I am so stuffed with a little turkey"—accompanied by an arrow pointing to her baby bump. The dad's shirt reads, "I made the stuffing." How adorable!

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A Curated Card

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement Card
Courtesy of Etsy. Courtesy of Etsy

If you're not a DIY connoisseur, you can order adorable Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement cards online. These festive ones from Etsy have a scratch-off component that reveals an amazing surprise: "We're having a baby!"

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