11 Heartwarming Ways Real Couples Announced Their Pregnancy to Grandparents

Announcing your pregnancy to grandparents-to-be can be one of the most fun parts of pregnancy. Get inspired by the sweet ways in which these couples shared their news.

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Aside from seeing those double lines on that pregnancy test, one of the most exciting parts about finding out that you're expecting is getting to announce your pregnancy to friends and family. And few people are more thrilled for you to become mom and dad than your parents and in-laws—or soon-to-be grandma and grandpa. Whether you choose to dial them up and shout it over speaker phone or spend the next several weeks plotting an exuberant and carefully planned pregnancy announcement they'll remember forever, it's your own very special way of saying, "Get ready to become a grandparent!" If you're announcing your pregnancy to grandparents-to-be and need some inspiration, check out how these expectant couples chose to make the big reveal to their parents.

We gifted them baby bottles filled with pink and blue candies

"It's always super nerve wracking and exciting sharing the news of your first baby. We called my parents and told them we had important news to share, but that we wanted to tell them in-person. My husband and I have always been very career-focused, so they thought we were going to announce that we were moving. Needless to say, they were pleasantly surprised to receive delicately wrapped gifts instead and overcome with disbelief, elation and pure joy once they saw the baby bottles!" —Melissa LaHann

We announced it via Skype!

"My husband and I broke the news that we were expecting over Skype, so we could record our parents' reactions for our future child to see. The results were pretty priceless, and it will be so fun to show our kids someday when they are old enough to understand! A memory that will be treasured forever." —Jessica Love

We gave them a onesie as an early Christmas gift

"I told my father I had an early Christmas gift for him, which was a wrapped-up a onesie that said, 'No means ask Grandpa,' with the ultrasound next to it. I was able to snap a hilarious picture of his face when he put everything together." —Kelen Carlock Settle

We told both our mothers at a Mother's Day lunch

"We had been pregnant a few months prior to this second pregnancy, which we lost at New Year's. It was difficult, however, we were lucky enough to get pregnant again rather quickly. Mother's Day was approaching, and after we had cleared the first month and a half, we decided to have the parents over for a Mother's Day luncheon. We told them the news after lunch, letting them know how special the day was going to be for us next year. Both mothers and my father said it was the best Mother's Day gift they have ever gotten." —Amanda G. Spencer

We got family and friends together to announce the news to my in-laws

"We picked a weekend day when several family members were over at my mother-in-law's house We just called and said we have a surprise to announce. When everyone was there, we turned to my mother-in-law and her longtime boyfriend who was like a father to my husband, and said, 'Are you ready to be grandparents? We're pregnant!' You should have seen the stunned look on their faces! I had to ask my MIL if she was okay, and to breathe. She was beside herself. It was a very exciting moment." —Kimberly Lehman

We handed my mother a stack of photos, one of which was a sonogram

"My husband and I took my mom out for ice cream at her favorite ice cream place when I handed her a stack of photos. She flipped through them, smiling and commenting and, although she paused for a few seconds while looking at the sonogram photo, she didn't catch on. As she flipped to another photo, my husband and I began to crack up, to which she looked up in confusion. I looked at her and said, 'Mom,' and that's when it hit her and she went back to the sonogram and asked me, 'Is this you? Are you pregnant?' I responded, 'Yes,' and she said, 'Oh my God,' as she got up to hug me." —Melissa Toledo

I surprised my dad with the best birthday gift ever

"I told my parents about my pregnancy (their first grandchild) on my dad's birthday. The timing worked out that I was just past 12 weeks at the time of my dad's birthday. As his present, I got him a frame with a chalkboard heart that read: 'X weeks until I meet you Grandma & Grandpa!' I put a picture of our latest ultrasound and filled in the coordinating date. My mom was recently diagnosed with a rare form of dementia and has trouble reading, so I knew by giving my dad his gift with her right next to him, he would be able to quickly explain what the frame said/the meaning behind it. After being speechless for a few seconds, my dad quickly yelled out a few swear words, and clued my mom in to the messaging of the frame. They were both in tears and gave us huge hugs. My husband and I were both brought to tears by their excitement and can't wait for our baby to meet his wonderful grandparents!" —Ali Hughes

We told them they were getting another "grandpuppy"

"My mom would do anything to have a grandbaby—not so much another grandpuppy—and my siblings had strong opinions on what type of pup joined the pack. So we decided to make a big deal about the announcement of our new puppy. Little did they know we were announcing our baby! We gave each person a folded card—the front side had a collage of all our family pups with a question mark next to a blank photo space and directions to open the card to reveal the new pup. The funny part: We gave each person a different pup—Dalmatian, Rottweiler, French Poodle, etc.—while we gave the 'soon to be' grandparents a photo of the baby ultrasound. My brother who received the 'Dogfather' card started crying. My mother in disbelief that she got an ultrasound of our new puppy and couldn't believe my brother (who never cries) was crying over a dog! Finally, she realized, the photo was actually a baby ultrasound and immediately started crying and talking to my belly, 'Hello grandbaby, I am so glad you are not a furbaby!'" —Beth Taylor

We dressed our dog in a onesie that read 'big sister'

"When my parents came to visit, my husband and I took their trip as an opportunity to tell our families (in-laws included) about my pregnancy. We had everyone over for dinner and just before dessert, Alex went up to dress our dog LexZ in a onesie I had made to read 'Big Sister.' The fun part was waiting for one of our parents to realize the outfit...and what it said!" —Zlata G.

I ordered baby bibs that said 'I heart Pap Pap' and mailed it to them

"We waited for them to call us once they received them. My father called me in tears once he got it! It was a good surprise." —Molly Nover Baker

I surprised my parents with a surprise Easter egg of my own!

"My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer on Christmas Eve 2011. He went into surgery in January and I found out I was pregnant soon afterwards. On Good Friday, my husband and I went to get our ultrasound done and decided it would be so incredible if we could share the news on Easter Sunday. I was an older, first-time latina mother (in my late 30s) and my parents had probably already given up hope. On Easter Sunday we drove over to my parents' house and gave them an Easter basket and told them there was a treat at the bottom. They looked under the Easter grass and came upon a picture at the bottom. My mom noticed it right away and my dad just stared at the sonogram wondering what it was. When he finally understood, he sat back with tears glistening and was so happy that, in the midst of this sad time for him, he had something to be strong for. He went through multiple chemo sessions up until a week before I gave birth and was declared cancer-free a month after Raquel was born. After I had my C-section, he came into the room and showed me the sonogram again and said, 'This gave me strength.' Sadly he passed away two years ago, but I will never forget how this surprise way of showing him on Easter gave him the strength to give us over two years of life when the doctors had given him only two months to live." —Shirley Arteaga

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