These beautiful rainbow baby pregnancy announcements offer a ray of light for anyone going through a dark and painful loss.


Any parent who's endured heart-wrenching loss understands there's something beyond-special about a rainbow pregnancy. Finding out you're expecting another little miracle is an experience filled with wonder and joy (as well as many other emotions). And it's so worth cherishing and capturing in every way.

These 10 rainbow baby pregnancy announcements are beautiful in their own right. But may they also offer hope to families out there who are in the midst of a dark, gloomy storm. There can be a rainbow to follow.

rainbow pregnancy photo with child

This photo, taken by Whitney Hempsey of Studio412 Imagery, celebrates mom Jessica's third pregnancy, after losing her second baby around 13 weeks. "After giving about 6 months to recover physically and emotionally, the decided to start trying again," Hempsey told us about the couple. "It took about a year, but she finally became pregnant again. Of course, they were reserved in their excitement because they feared another loss, but to everyone's delight, she carried her sweet baby to 37 weeks 4 days." Jessica's daughter Shayden, who still talks about her angel baby sister, helped paint a rainbow on her mom's pregnant tummy before the birth of her surprise baby girl. Hempsey told us, "It's a good thing they love rainbows, because they are certainly embracing the fact that this baby is their sweet rainbow."

Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement

After six miscarriages, mom Jessica glowed in all the glory of a rainbow pregnancy in this stunning image, captured by JoAnn Marrero of From Labor to Love and Mary Maloney, from Pebbles and Polka Dots. "My inspiration was to use six colors of the rainbow to represent each of the six losses," Marrero said. "As we set off each individual smoke bomb, we took a moment to think of the babies lost yet, bitter-sweet at the same time being joyous for all that is to come."

angels & rainbows rainbow pregnancy announcement

At 21 weeks pregnant, Madie and her husband Donny went for their anatomy scan. Doctors found significant heart issues with their daughter. A specialist "told them just how bad it was," Angels & Rainbows photographer Marissa Naudsch heartbreakingly recounts. "They were told Oaklee wouldn't be able to live outside of her mother without a heart transplant, and even then, she would have a very small chance to live more than a few years. The quality of life for their little Oaklee would have been very poor." Madie and Donny made a choice no parent should have to make: At 23 weeks, Madie was induced, held her baby girl, and said goodbye. "She wanted that baby more than anything and was devastated having to let her go," Naudsch says. "There isn't quite a pain like going home with no baby, after preparing for months to be a mother." Seven months later, the brokenhearted couple found out they were expecting again. Happily, in April, Madie and Donny welcomed their son, Titan.

rainbow pregnancy image

This beautiful mama lost her pregnancy around 8 weeks after visiting the ER, where an ultrasound confirmed the baby was no longer there. "It was devastating for them," photographer Francesca Fregozo told "But once she got the okay from the doctor to try again, they got pregnant... had a healthy pregnancy, and had their rainbow baby girl on July 16, 2017."

rainbow pregnancy photo

After mom Patricia married Jorge they were blessed with a daughter, Julianna. "She was perfect and came so easy!" Patricia says. But when they were ready to try for baby #2, she says, "We struggled to conceive and then suffered not one, but three miscarriages. The loss of the third baby shook us to the core and we decided to pursue IVF with PGS (pre-implantation genetic screening) testing and many other medications as our last attempt for a baby." Fortunately, it worked! "Our beautiful rainbow baby, Austen Jorge, was born early June 2017!" This gorgeous photo was taken during Patricia's pregnancy by Andrea Hyatt Photography.

rainbow baby pregnancy announcement

"After a smooth first pregnancy, Nikki [and her husband Jeff] faced several miscarriages with no explanation," photographer Trisha Harris says. Finally, they await the arrival of their sweet rainbow baby girl. "Piggy-backing off their gender-reveal paint session, we finished off their maternity session with a rainbow powder celebration," Harris explains about the colorful, fun family-centered rainbow pregnancy photo.

rainbow baby kites

A beautiful beach shoot is how photographer Cassie Clayshulte captured this couple's rainbow pregnancy joy. "I had a client reach out to me about wanting a rainbow maternity session while vacationing on Hilton Head Island," she said. "I wanted to incorporate these beautiful rainbow kites that are a local favorite here on HHI so I set out to find their owner on a local social media page and our whole town pitched in to help find him for this special couple!"

rainbow baby after twin loss

Tucker and Bethany are blessed to have identical twin boys, then became pregnant with identical twin girls. Heartbreakingly, at 35 weeks, the couple lost the babies. "Now they're pregnant with their rainbow baby girl Cienna Jase," photographer Lindsay Veld says about her cousin and her husband. She explains, "Cienna is because they met at Siena Heights University. Jase is a mixture of [her twin] girls' middle name Jade and Rose."

rainbow baby pregnancy joy

"The Chen family's son, Ethan, went to be with the Lord shortly after birth," photographer Brittany Gidley says. "While pregnant with their daughter, Elysia, we wanted to do something special to honor Ethan and celebrate their rainbow baby. The results are not only beautiful, but showcase the joy surrounding this gorgeous family!"

diana kuehl rainbow pregnancy image

Photographer Diana Kuehl took this photograph of a mama beaming during her rainbow pregnancy. "She lost identical twin boys at 23 week; Wyatt and Waylan. They were stillborn," Kuehl shared. "Her pregnancy was high-risk as they shared a placenta." After suffering another miscarriage, she conceived this rainbow baby. "The image is really touching, as you can see two little ducklings in the image. They decided to show up and hang out for almost the entire session. We really think it was a sign!"