This might be the most meaningful maternity shoot we've ever seen. You have to see how this woman chose to honor her late husband in her pregnancy photos.
sidney conley photo 1.jpg

Nicole Bennet's husband died unexpectedly while she was pregnant with their second child. They had been discussing the possiblity of scheduling a maternity photo shoot when Bennet's husband passed on January 5, before they could take their photos.

But Bennet found a way to include her late husband in a photo shoot anyway—with the help of a talented photographer.

Bennet contacted photographer Sidney Conley, who came up with the idea to digitally add a likeness of her husband to the photos. The result is amazing and so incredibly touching.

"I wanted to do something special because he's been there for my son since day one," Bennett told ABC News. "It's memories for my son of his father and for my daughter who will never meet her father, it's memories for her as well."

"It brings me to tears, looking at the photos myself," Conley said of the photos. "Just how I edited [the photos] with him looking down on them, it's showing that he's making sure they're OK."

sidney conley photo 5.jpg

Though Bennet was skeptical at first, she loved the results as well.

"I expected them to be good, but they came out perfect," she said. "[My husband] was a very down-to-earth man, so he probably would've had our photographer laughing like he did during our engagement photos."