A mama complained about her pregnancy in a social media post—and some people shamed her for it. But doesn't she have the right to dislike parts of pregnancy?

By Zara Husaini Hanawalt
December 16, 2018
pregnant woman in bed
Credit: David Pereiras/Shutterstock

Pregnancy is a blessing, a miracle, a truly amazing biological process that yields the most precious thing in the world.

But is it easy or fun or comfortable? Absolutely not. And admitting that doesn’t make you ungrateful. It makes you human.

British personality Luisa Zissman knows all too well that pregnancy isn’t always about joyful moments and fluttery kicks and gender reveal parties. It’s also round-the-clock nausea, extreme exhaustion, serious discomfort and so much more. But when she dared to vocalize the reality of pregnancy, she became the target of some pretty tough criticism.

“Feeling sick in bed with Ellie.... hate growing babies literally don't enjoy anything about pregnancy,” she wrote alongside an Instagram selfie. “it goes on FOREVER too, I mean feels like I've got ages.”

And then the slamming began. "You're freaking kidding me right????” one user wrote. “How dare you say you HATE making babies. Did you ever take a minute to think of those of us, celebs and non celebs, who have tried FOR YEARS to have a baby with no success? You are so selfish and you know what causes babies so stop making them. There are many of us women who dream of having 1 baby and here you are pregnant with your 3rd.”

Of course, there were also plenty of users coming out in support of her sentiments. It’s so important to remember that every pregnancy is different, and for some women, it’s a truly miserable experience.

Think of it this way: Complaining about the sleepless nights or the overwhelming nature of parenthood doesn’t mean you love your kids any less—so why is it such a big deal for a woman to lament the icky parts of pregnancy?

And yes, it can be incredibly difficult for a woman who is struggling to conceive to hear someone who successfully got pregnant complain about the experience—but it can also be super tough for pregnant women to go through it. And if they need to vent about it, well, there’s nothing wrong with that.