Back To Work At Six Weeks

Aimee, a working mom of three, talks about the challenges of a short maternity leave, pumping in the office and more.


Hi. I'm Aimee. I am a working mother of three. I have a five-year-old, a nine-year-old and a ten-year-old. And I've been working in the fashion industry for the past 20 years. [MUSIC] I went back to work when Eva, my ten-year-old, who was six weeks old. There was never a question of me not returning to work. Partly, it was financial, but I, I enjoyed my job. I. Have always been a career person. I was a one-man show in the department that I was in. I had to go back right at six weeks, and I was thrown into a, the crazy, hectic schedule that I had before she was born. I had to hit the ground running. I had a wonderful pregnancy, really fit. I had a difficult delivery with ,. After six weeks I felt much better, but that six week mark, it was like a countdown to D-Day. I couldn't imagine leaving. It's like having a crush and wanting to be with them all the time. From the minute that I left her to the minute I got home, all I though about was her. So I didn't feel like I was prepared. Prepared at six weeks. I don't think anybody is. Even if you can't wait to get back to work because you really enjoy your work. It's still extremely difficult. I wasn't prepared for the strict pumping schedule that I had to be on. Especially working with a bunch of twenty something year old. Single people. There was no pumping station. I had to occupy the lone bathroom for three times a day. And, of course you know, I'd pumped as quickly as I could. Because I felt the pressure of, I'm occupying the bathroom and people know what I'm doing. And I wasn't embarrassed by it, but I just felt the need to rush through it. LIke I had to get that done. I had to get back. I didn't want to feel like I was hurting my performance. [What About Childcare?] We went the route of a nanny instead of daycare because I needed the flexibility of having somebody there. I couldn't always leave right at 5:00pm. And, also, you know child [MUSIC] Daycares mostly start a little bit older, over six weeks, usually at three months. I never pictured myself as the stay at home parent. I don't think I ever felt guilty about going back to work because I think that, you know, a Father doesn't. Feel guilty about going back to work. Still every night when I would come home I would race him. I couldn't wait to get home. [MUSIC]

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