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New moms often opt for maternity leave after the baby is born, but you may be surprised to learn that most companies don't offer paid leave - and don't have to. Here we teach you about your maternity leave rights so you know what to expect before you give birth.

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MSNBC's Katy Tur on Maternity Leave: 'It's Starting Another Extremely Difficult Full-Time Job—and Trying To Survive It'
As MSNBC anchor Katy Tur ends maternity leave after the birth of her daughter, she reflects on the past six months, becoming the "lead parent" in her relationship, and why the 4 weeks of paid leave proposed in the Build Back Better plan is truly the "barest of bare minimums."
Parents Don't Just Deserve Paid Leave, They've Had Enough of Asking Nicely and are Now Demanding Congress to #SavePaidLeave
Paid family and medical leave is set to be cut completely from President Joe Biden's Build Back Better spending package, making the U.S. the only industrialized country not to offer a federal policy. But working parents aren't going down without a fight—and you shouldn't either.
Taking 4 Months of Paid Paternity Leave Made Me a Better Father
In the face of recent debates about the value of paid parental leave, this New York-based dad reflects upon how paternity leave creates strong and healthy families and a better society.
Pete Buttigieg Fires Back at Tucker Carlson After Paternity Leave Criticism: 'I'm Not Going to Apologize'
The 39-year-old U.S. Transportation Secretary had been on paid paternity leave since August after welcoming twins with his husband Chasten.
How to Maintain Financial Stability on Maternity Leave
With the United States as the only developed country without government-mandated paid parental leave, many new parents are left scrambling to make ends meet financially. Here's how to be prepared for maternity leave when it comes to money.
Reddit Cofounder Alexis Ohanian is Not Here for Companies That Stigmatize Paternity Leave
After hearing disparaging remarks by the former CEO of SoulCycle, Alexis Ohanian wrote a powerful piece on why it's about time we end the stigma on paternity leave.

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Maternity Leave Was the Loneliest Time of My Life But I Learned to Love It
I left my dream job to go on maternity leave when my son was born. It became the most isolating and lonely period of my life. But these are the things that helped me pull through and realize how much I really needed this time with my newborn.
New Mom Forced to Pay Former Employer Thousands After Switching Jobs During Maternity Leave
Emily Manley says her former employer is charging her over $2,600 to pay the company back for her health care and paid time off.

How Refreshing! Coca-Cola Expands Paid Family Leave Beyond Moms

The soft drink company's new policy allows moms, dads, and adoptive and foster parents to take paid time off.