Use a Belly Band

How to wear a belly band all during your pregnancy.


-A belly band can be your best accessory during the first and second trimester. A belly band is a tube top shape piece of fabric that goes around your middle. The bands come in several different colors. Some are made to look like a white t-shirt is layered under your shirt while others are dark to match your jeans. In the first several months of pregnancy, the belly band can be use with your own pants and jeans. Simply slide in on over whatever bottoms you want to wear leaving the top button and perhaps even the zipper of your pants undone. Now, you can breathe easier and you??ll look good too. Later on in pregnancy, use of belly band is a helpful additional layer to any outfit under a maternity tunic or top can help set things in a bit and smooth your look. It also helps to keep expandable waistband maternity pants in place especially while you??re still growing into them.

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