Summer Maternity Wardrobe Checklist

Print our shopping checklist before you hit the stores.

Summer weather is here and you'll need to update your maternity wardrobe to stay cool and look great. Your wardrobe will be easy, comfortable, and stylish with these summer maternity wardrobe essentials. Most of these items are available in maternity specialty stores or the maternity section of department stores.

    Casual Basics

    ____ 1 pair of khaki shorts

    ____ 1 pair of denim shorts

    ____ 1 pair of capri pants

    ____ 3 T-shirts

    ____ 2 tank tops

    ____ 1 oxford shirt or blouse

    ____ 2 sundresses

    ____ 1 light jacket

    ____ 1 cardigan sweater

    ____ 1 maternity swimsuit

    ____ 1 pair of comfortable sneakers

    ____ 1 pair of low-heeled sandals

      Office Basics

      ____ 1 cotton, silk, or linen skirt

      ____ 1 pair of cotton, silk, or linen slacks

      ____ 1 linen, cotton, or silk dress

      ____ 1 coordinating light blazer

      ____ 1 white button-down sweater

      ____ 1 silk or fine cotton T-shirt

      ____ 2 sleeveless shells

      ____ 1 blouse

      ____ 1 pair of low-heeled pumps

      ____ 1 pair of low-heeled loafers

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