Pick a Dress

A great maternity dress can be your go-to outfit for nine months and beyond.


-A great maternity dress can be a life saver. One piece to put on and you are done. Follow these tips and you??ll easily find that perfect shift for your next big shift into pregnancy. First, stick with the dress color that you love. It??s okay to go with a bright hue but it should be something you love wearing normally. Neutral colors are great but so are deep jewel tones. Pick a length that??s not too short since your bumple pull your hemline up as this. It should probably hid just above your knees. Maxi dresses which are long and look fabulous with accessories like a jean jacket and scarf are also a solid option. Make sure the frock is casual enough to dress down and yet has enough polish that it can be dull out for more formal occasion so you??ll get plenty of use out of it. Have a very formal affair to attend? Thankfully there are plenty of reasonable price, nice maternity dress is out there. And these can often be worn again when you??re not pregnant. Investing just one that you think you can get mileage out of after your baby arrives.

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