Look your best during every trimester!

October 03, 2005

No matter what body type you have, these simple fashion tricks will help you look great throughout pregnancy.

If you're petite...

  • Stick with monochromatic tops and bottoms, which create a single line of color, lengthening your body. It helps if your shoes and stockings match, too.
  • Stock up on boat-neck and other high-neck tops, which draw the eye up. A choker, short strand of pearls, or a scarf also work well.
  • Go with slim-fitting styles instead of bulky ones. They won't overwhelm your delicate frame.

If you're curvy on the bottom...

  • Remember: Dark colors are slimming, so choose pants, skirts, and dresses in the classic hues of black, brown, navy, dark gray, and wine.
  • Avoid horizontal stripes, which will make you look wider than you are.
  • Try menswear-style shirts -- they're comfortable and oversized, and will minimize your hips.

If you're tall...

  • Knee-length skirts look great on you, because they break up the length of your body.
  • Don't dress in all one color -- it will make you look even taller. Instead, mix and match colors. And experiment with horizontal patterns -- they'll work well on your tall frame.
  • Try long jackets, either with pants or over a dress.

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