Maternity Fashion Flashback

American Baby, September 1997
In honor of American Baby's 75th Anniversary, we dusted off our archived issues to bring you vintage maternity styles, hilarious to hideous.

Sign of the Times

Check this out -- in February 1958 it was still considered taboo to show a pregnant woman, hence the black box hiding her belly.

Off the Cuff

This lace-adorned shift, in our September 1969 issue, makes mom-to-be look like a French maid!

Purple Haze

We're at a loss for these January 1972 "fashions." It's hard to decide which is worse -- the Mardi Gras colors or the grapes!

Hello, Mumsies

These floral country frocks, featured in our October 1977 issue, look like they were sewn from the curtains.

Pop Out

Bright colors and sharp shoulders? Yep, it's the eighties! (April 1983, to be exact).

Fresh Off the Farm

The gingham jumper, bow tie at the neck, knit sweater and shawl scream Little House on the Prairie more than July 1988. But Dad looks cute!

Winged Breeder

Bug-eye glasses, bumblebee colors, and maternity overalls combine to make one confused outfit from 1995.

A Gripe with Stripes

Head-to-toe stripes on this September 1997 ensemble say "Prison Uniform" more than "Maternity Chic."

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