These funky undershirts keep you from flashing bump -- and they're great for nursing too.

Blush Undershirt

You lucky preggo -- you're cultivating a bump just as empire-waist tops are at the height of fashion. You sailed through the first trimester barely buying anything maternity. But now that you're getting bigger, your belly is starting to play peekaboo -- and do your coworkers really need to see the bump up close?

Make your shirts stretch into the second trimester with Blush Accessories' Topless Undershirt. It's a tube top that begins where your bra ends and stretches over the belly. Continue to wear those cute tees and cropped sweaters well into your pregnancy -- it doesn't matter if they creep up because the undershirt's got the belly covered. Wear it a little lower on the hips to hide how you're still sporting your regular jeans with the button undone (the clingy polyester/rayon/spandex fabric helps them stay up too). Although you might have to retire the tube in the third trimester depending on how big you get, we love it because you can whip it out again in the "fourth trimester" to make sure your postpartum midsection stays undercover when you nurse.

Blush Topless Undershirts retail for $15 and is available in 14 different colors and patterns.

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