Fun Ways to Flaunt Your Bump

Look pregnant and love it!


Now that the world knows your news and your pregnancy is obvious to everyone from a postal lady to the guy who makes your morning latte, it??s time to have some fun and flaunt what you??ve got. Here's how. Bold colors, stripes and prints might feel too over the top in your first few months of pregnancy. But once it??s clear that you??re expecting, it??s a relief to play around with fashion again. The more vibrant, the better, if it hugs your belly even better. The key is not be afraid to show off that beautiful baby you??re growing. Form fitting is your friend at the stage. Look for knits with a bit of [unk] Lycra or Spandex that can hug your bump. These pieces are super flattering and easy to incorporate to almost any pregnancy look. A dress or blouse that ties at your new waistline can accentuate your curves. Just make sure you can tie or belt the fabric below your chest. Don??t be shy about accentuating other new assets. If you??ve always yearned for curves and now find yourself sexier at top, it??s okay to go for a tighter fitting shirt. Have fun with your new form.

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