As your pregnancy breasts develop, be sure you take care of them! Check out our tips on finding a new bra.


If your cups runneth over and your bras leave marks on your skin, splurge at the lingerie store for a few pretty, extra-supportive bras in a larger size. (The truth is that there's really no such thing as a maternity bra; the bras many women turn to for support in late pregnancy are actually nursing bras.) What style is going to be most comfortable?

Some women insist on underwires for extra support--and to make the most of their new curves--while others switch to bras with wide, soft cotton bands beneath their breasts. Look for bras with multiple closures that can grow with you and choose wider straps to take some of the strain off your shoulders. Avoid inner seams that might irritate sensitive nipples. For sleeping or at home, you can wear cotton sports bras. Beware, though: Tugging sports bras over your head can be a real pain, so look for bras that go on more easily.

Originally published in You & Your Baby: Pregnancy.

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