Comfy (Not Frumpy!) Clothes

Loungewear that keeps you looking lovely during pregnancy.


They say there are tons of maternity lounge lines. Yoga pants, slouchy linens and cozy knits aren??t hard to come by. But how do you wear them without looking like you just rolled out of bed? First, instead of boxy shirts and dresses, go for more figure-hugging knits that highlight your silhouette. Stretchy fabrics can be flattering but should aim to accentuate your figure and show off your new curves. Side ruching is super flattering for both pregnancy and post pregnancy looks. The chic detail allows tops to grow with you throughout your pregnancy. Leggings and yoga style pants come in handy most everyday. Pair them with a long tunic or an [unk] waisted dress for a look that??s less hitting the gym and more hitting the town. The final way to look a little more dressy when you??re in your lounge swear, is to skip putting your hair in a ponytail and wear it down. Finally, don??t forget to accessorize and in dressy shoes or cute jewelry takes your look from frump to awesome bump.

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