You'll need to buy new bras and underwear at least once during your pregnancy, and many experts advise shopping multiple times to accommodate your changing body. Here are a few lingerie-shopping tips.


___ Stop squeezing yourself into a too-small bra. Our advice? Skip maternity bras altogether and simply stock up on nursing ones. They'll keep you comfy now and certainly will come in handy after baby arrives.

___ Slip on a sports bra. Some women find they offer good comfort and support, especially at night.

___ Swap your silk skivvies for cotton ones. They'll better absorb that down-there discharge (icky, but true).

___ Forget the granny panties, please! There are plenty of so-fun-you-can-barely-tell-they're-maternity thongs, boy shorts and bikini briefs out there. These days pregnancy lingerie is H-O-T.

___ But you may want to avoid thongs if you're prone to infections, which are even more likely during pregnancy. (The little landing strip makes it easier for yucky germs to get into places they shouldn?t -- 'nuff said).

___ Splurge on a sexy nightie and or trendy tank set. Remember, you don?t have to nod off in your husband's ratty old fraternity T-shirts every single night. You'll appreciate the lingerie upgrade when your libido comes back with a vengeance (if it hasn't already).

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