Accessorize When Pregnant

Dress up your maternity wardrobe.


Pregnancy is actually a great time to embrace a stylist??s best friend accessories. As your waistline grows, it??s important to draw the eye up with some jewelry pieces rick for beaded necklaces and chandelier earrings. Cuff bracelets can highlight a part of you that??s always skinny your wrists. Basically, you??ll wanna draw people??s eyes to the features you feel best about. If you love your eyes, for instance, go for sparkly or dangling earrings or if you love your new figure, use a necklace to extenuate your new curves. Here??s another great accessory tip. Put a belt over or under your baby bump to give your overall shape some more structure. Finally, scarves are a great mum to the accessory. A longer softer fabric that can be both a shell or a wrap or that can tie loosely your neck. We??ll work throughout your entire pregnancy. It can even triple as a nursing cover once your baby is here.

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