5 Maternity Must-Haves

The best pieces for your maternity wardrobe.


-So just what you really need in your wardrobe during pregnancy? We think it's hard to get through nine months without these five essentials. First, maternity jeans. Make sure they're comfortable and can grow with you and your baby. You're gonna live in your jeans. Whether you pick a pair with an over the belly panel or an underbelly closure, just make sure they feel comfortable and highlight your best assets. Our second pick, a long knit shirt or tunic that can work with leggings, pants, or skirts. Since you'll be wearing a lot of bottoms with belly panels, the only tops that are nice and long, something with side ruching is extra flattering to curvy growing figures. You want at least one pair of maternity leggings useful in every trimester. It's also hard to get through pregnancy without a good versatile dress. The right one can work for both formal and casual occasions. For many reasons, you wanna invest in a maternity cardigan, opt for a soft and versatile fabric and neutral solid color works best.

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