Jessie James Decker Talks Pregnancy the Second Time Around

The country singer, and American Baby's Mom of the Moment, opens up about being pregnant with baby number two.


Hey all. I'm Jessie James Decker and we are here behind the scenes of my American Baby shoot. [MUSIC] So, this second pregnancy has been polar opposite from my first pregnancy. With my daughter, Vivian, I threw up every day for five months, was starving, gained a lot of weight really really fast. And I had carpal tunnel tendonitis. Had to go to the hospital a couple of times. And this time I don't feel sick. I barely even remember I'm pregnant. I've been wanting a lot of fried chicken lately. I love spicy food. And that's it. Nothing too crazy. Been wanting a lot of pizza, but the first time I just wanted Snickers, and ice cream and french fries. which is why I gained 55 pounds. When people ask me why I like to embrace being pregnant, I just can't imagine not embracing it. I feel proud, I feel like one of the most wonderful things about being a woman is that you can bear a child and you can create this human, and feel this baby, and your body can change and do Incredible things. I just think it's such a miracle. So, I'm so proud. If I could in a belly shirt all of the time, I would. And you know, what's up? [LAUGH] Here it is. I will say I had I created this whole vision and idea in my head of what the birth was going to be like. I had u-tubed women giving birth and pulling their babies out and putting them on their chest and having baby to chest moment, and so when I had to have that emergency c-section, I was extremely disappointed. When you have this vision in your head, it's really hard when it doesn't go that way. My advice for women is just be prepared, that it might not go exactly the way you want. But, and then you do have to feel blessed that your baby came out healthy and everything was wonderful. You're gonna like to do your traditional date night of just going to dinner, but we end up looking at pictures of Vivienne the whole time, talking about her. But we try to just have that quiet time together, and even if we can't go out once Vivienne is asleep, We will you know, stay up and have dinner together and when I wasn't pregnant, have a glass of wine or take a bubble bath. We're big on our bubble baths, we took one last night, it was fun. We just love having that intimate time together just for an hour and you don't always have to go out but. Just make that time. It's so important. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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