Jennifer Love Hewitt: 5 Pregnancy Questions

Jennifer Love Hewitt is loving her second pregnancy, and she says she feels her best while pregnant!


Hi, I'm Jennifer Love Hewitt and you're behind the scenes of my American Baby photo shoot. [MUSIC] I kind of feel my best when I'm pregnant, which means I should probably have 18 children. It won't happen. But I do feel good. I think, I think I feel really grateful. I know how hard it is for lots of women to even get pregnant in the first place. Some people never get to have kids. And so I just feel really lucky that my husband and I have been able to, to do this once awesomely, and now twice, even better. And, and it's just really, it's nice. So I do feel happy. Nothing too weird. Although pickles for me this time have actually been a thing and they've been making fun of me at work. They're like really, really with the pickles? [LAUGH] They're delicious, though. I just, I don't know why. I sort of just like the things that I normally like but more of it. I'm a big, like, jalapeno person. when I'm pregnant which I like anyway. Italian food, which I kind of like anyway. You know, cake, hotdogs, you name it really. Pretty much anything. Autumn? I don't know what she thinks of the belly. I'm not sure if she just thinks I'm fat [LAUGH] or if she knows that there's something in there, but she's. Very sweet. Every, every morning and night time she'll sort of rub my belly and she likes to kiss the belly. It's very cute. But I'm, I'm not quite sure that she knows, you know, what's happening. Date night looks a lot like. DVR [LAUGH] so some sort of brought in dinner substance instead of me cooking and right now I go to bed at like eight fifteen [LAUGH]. So it's a lot like being married to Betty White [LAUGH]. It's really it's awesome. I will miss about being pregnant just. Just the feeling of it, I mean, it's really cool. It, it definitely, I think if you can if you can get past all of the stuff that happens, like the ups and downs that you feel and sort of the, the craziness of it. And definitely, you know, as somebody who's been in this business for a long time and had to sort of be all about, like, what's your figure look like, your regiment and all the. I think if you can just sorta let that stuff go and really embrace what you're doing, you feel kind of awesome. Like if somebody asked me right now if I thought I was pretty great I would be like "yeah, I'm probably pretty great. I'm doing a pretty cool thing here and I'm psyched about it." So I think if you can just sorta get in that head space, it's awesome. [MUSIC]

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