Q: I got pregnant unexpectedly. Is it normal to feel overwhelmed and not totally happy?

A: Many women who face unplanned pregnancies experience a range of emotions that includes feeling happy, anxious, scared, and, of course, guilty for being anything but a completely blissful mom-to-be. You might feel that your family size is manageable as is or perhaps never imagined you'd get pregnant again so quickly. If your career is taking off, you may be worried that adding to your family will be too much responsibility. Maybe you're unhappy about the lack of control you have over your suddenly expanding body. Or maybe you were using birth control and never intended to get pregnant at all.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. Talk with other mothers, because most of them will be able to relate to feeling anxious and uncertain. Almost all moms-to-be, even those with planned pregnancies, experience mixed feelings about having a baby. Sharing your feelings with your husband is also vital so you don't start harboring resentment toward him. You can also try keeping a journal, which is a great way to work through your feelings, especially the negative ones you may not be ready to admit to anyone.

The silver lining to this cloud, however, is that even though you may be conflicted initially, those feelings usually pass. That's why pregnancy takes nine months -- it takes that long for your body and mind to catch up with each other. --Heather Johnson Durocher

Answered by Parents Team