July 02, 2015

Q: How do I tell my best friend about my pregnancy? She just very recently gave birth to her beautiful daughter, who was stillborn. Her placenta detached and she didn't know it till the day of her delivery. The sight of pregnant women and babies upsets her. She is still going through a really hard time. How do I tell her about my baby without losing her friendship?

A: You need to be direct with your best friend. She is indeed going through a terrible loss and her hormonal fluctuation may be making it even harder for her to cope. She may be upset if you don't tell her, so as soon as you are letting others know, you will have to tell her. Choose a time when you can be alone with her and tell her that you love her and will do everything you can to support her at this difficult time. Let her know how important her friendship is and that you hope she will be able to be joyful for you. If she is upset and needs some space, give it to her and hope that over time she will recover from her loss and support you in your pregnancy.

Answered by Dr. Eva Ritvo


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