Stay tuned as comedian Jamie Aderski (you may know her from her one-woman show "Cry Baby, My (Reluctant) Journey Into Motherhood") guides us through pregnancy by hilariously breaking down everything you can expect from week to week. 

By Lauren Pardee
January 03, 2019

In’s new, highly anticipated video series “Pregnancy Week by Week,” comedian Jamie Aderski is giving us the inside scoop on what really goes on during the 42+ weeks leading up to parenthood. From hemorrhoids to throwing up in coffee cups, this mom knows first-hand the struggles of pregnancy and isn’t holding back throughout the series coming soon in 2019. In fact, Aderski is here to fill you in on all the symptoms to expect, lifestyle changes to make, and sacrifices to mourn (RIP to our daily nightcap) in the best way she knows how: jokingly.

But really, besides making you feel a little more normal about your random urge to kill your husband or your cravings for the most outrageous food combinations, Aderski is offering advice on topics like questions to ask your doctor, surprising body transformations, and what foods and drinks to avoid.

We know receiving unsolicited advice from strangers is one of the most common annoyances as a mother-to-be, but that’s not stopping Aderski from sharing her valuable two cents. Trust us, these tokens of wisdom will make you laugh (and probably pee a little) rather than roll your eyes. Stick with us; when your baby has taken over your front, we’ve got your back.