Googling all of your burning pregnancy questions? Clear your browsing history, mama.

Pregnant Woman Typing On Smart Phone
Credit: vgajic/Getty Images

If you're pregnant, chances are you have questions. Lots and lots of questions. And while your friends who have already had babies are super-helpful, sometimes you need a BFF you can bother at 3 a.m. and you can't sleep (because heartburn) and you're worried about fill-in-the-blank (because you're a normal pregnant human). Enter: Google.

Of course, it's important to proceed with caution when you're Googling your (heart)burning questions about being pregnant, but if you ever worry about sending a crazy search engine query, rest easy, mama-to-be. Chances are pretty solid that another woman (or say, a few thousand of them) have wondered the exact same thing. Here, moms confess the most ridiculous things they searched when they were expecting:

'Alien Baby Stomachs' and 'Cone Head Baby Stomach.'

"When I was around five months pregnant, I remember getting into bed one night and as I was laying down my stomach stuck out to a point, as if 'something' was protruding out from my guy. Once I was laying flat in bed, I sat up and it did it again. Immediately I freaked out and started Googling 'alien baby stomachs' and 'cone head baby stomach' (ya know the movie?). Soon after I texted my best friend about it and sent her pictures of what I was searching and she told me, very nicely, 'as much as I want to hear about your pregnancy, please think before you send me any images.'" —Eloise P.

'Water Breaking vs. Sex Discharge."

"My husband and I were trying to naturally induce labor—a polite way of saying we were having sex during my 39th week—and about an hour after the deed was completed, I was walking up the stairs and felt a gushing 'down there.'I got really excited thinking my water broke but was also aware that it could've just been excess build up, since we hadn't had sex in a while. Both my husband and I spent the next hour Googling 'water breaking vs. sex discharge.' Definitely not something I ever thought I would have to Google. And no, my water didn't break. I'm still pregnant at 40 1/2 weeks!" —Jenn B.

'Live Birth Videos'

"When I was pregnant, I Googled everything. From what cheeses I could eat to what skincare products I could use, I was adamant about doing my research first. But the biggest Google mistake I made while pregnant was watching birthing videos late in my pregnancy. The first one that popped up was a woman giving birth in a stream in the woods. No meds, nothing. She was screaming and wailing and the baby popped out and fell into the water. When my husband came home that night, I was crying and said, 'Whatever you do, please don't look 'down there' when I'm giving birth. I don't think you'll ever be attracted to me again!' My husband laughed and asked why in the world would I watch birthing videos at 8.5 months pregnant. It was admittedly a mistake." —Jeannie E.

'Can Self-Tanning Products Get Through to the Placenta?'

"When I was pregnant, I was headed to Hawaii for a 'Babymoon' at six months along and was not excited about being a white whale on the beach. I desperately wanted a spray tan but worried about whether the effects of the chemicals on my skin. So I Googled and posted on various pregnancy boards the question about whether self-tanning products could affect my unborn baby's health—if the chemicals could get through the placenta wall I think to be exact. I was too embarrassed to bother my very serious OBGYN with what seemed like such a dumb and vain question. Ultimately, I ended up hearing enough reassurance from other moms-to-be and medical sources to feel comfortable slathering on some self-tanning before vacation. I still looked huge but at least a little bit golden!" —Aimee W.

'Is It Gas Or Labor Pains?'

"At the end of my pregnancy, I was feeling different pains in my stomach and I couldn't tell if it was a contraction... or gas. They feel the same!' —Tamera D.

'What Does a Cervical Plug Look Like?"

"I can't tell you how many times during my last month or so of my pregnancy with my son, I Googled looking for an image and description of a cervical plug. No one really gives you a head's up about that and it's a little confusing!" —Kristie Y.

'How Do My Pelvic Bones Make Way For Birth?'

"I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant with my first child and I would say the craziest thing I've Googled is about how my pelvic bones make way for birth. Surprisingly, the diagrams and the explanations are mind-blowing!" —Sacha B.