Moms Speak Out on Pregnancy Surprises

What shocked other moms-to-be during their pregnancies.

What were you most unprepared for during your pregnancy?

"I never imagined how difficult simple tasks would become due to my size toward the end of my pregnancy. While grocery shopping, I actually got stuck a few times between the cart and a shelf while trying to reach something! I had to squeeze myself out, praying that I wouldn't hurt my unborn child! Customers would stare and chuckle. But to have the cashier and bag boy ask if I needed help was beyond humiliating."--Christie Lord, Berlin, WI

"Overall, I felt very prepared for the birth. I had read numerous baby books and attended most of my prenatal classes. So I was stunned when I was told I needed a cesarean. Needless to say, I'd skipped all classes on this topic because I had planned on delivering vaginally. I guess Mother Nature had a different idea in mind for me!"--Victoria Keister, Ft. Drum, NY

"Nobody could have prepared me for my cravings during pregnancy. As a vegetarian, I had always eaten well. However, during my sixth month, I went through a phase where I needed mayonnaise on everything. My family was horrified! It actually got to the point where I would eat it right out of the jar with just a spoon and a smile."--Leah Jabic, Chelsea, MI

"My 39-week checkup was two days before my daughter's birthday, and I joked that I refused to have my baby on her birthday. My doctor responded, 'Want to have your baby today?' I was shocked to learn that I was dilated to three centimeters. I had the baby and was out of the hospital in time for my daughter's special day."--Ched McLean, Alexandria, KY

"Being pregnant during the summer months was difficult. I always felt hot. As an elementary school teacher, I would usually try to seek refuge in the bathroom during recess, with a portable fan and unbuttoned blouse. One day after lunch, one of my students came to my desk. Grinning, he said, 'Mrs. Barter, I think you forgot something.' I looked down and was horrified to see I'd skipped the first three buttons on my blouse."--Karen Barter, Stephens, AZ

"I had no idea how bad my balance would get as my pregnancy progressed. I never had a bad fall, but I would inexplicably find myself on my hands and knees, surrounded by strangers. I would be walking along, and the next thing I knew I was being helped up by people who looked like they expected me to go into labor at any moment."--Charlette Madden, Ruston, LA

"I was very unprepared for the memory loss. I am usually a very organized and detail-oriented person, but while I was pregnant, I couldn't remember a thing. I'd go to the grocery store and forget not only my shopping list but also my purse or even my shoes."--Darlene Burden, Houston, TX

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