Moms React to Finding Out Baby's Sex

Some couldn't wait to learn their baby's gender—others held out until delivery day. But all of these moms had wild reactions when they found out their baby's sex!

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Perfect Present

Since my ultrasound was a few days before Christmas, I asked our technician to write down our baby's gender and put it in an envelope. When my husband and I got home, we put the envelope under our Christmas tree, and on that morning we got the best present of all: We found out we were having a son! —Cecelia, Mason, Michigan

Oh, Boy!

Though he said it didn't matter, I knew my husband was secretly pining for a boy. However, I had no idea how much he wanted a son until the day I gave birth. Right after the doctor told him we had a son, he let out a whoop of joy and actually did a cartwheel right in the middle of the delivery room. Our doctor was completely flabbergasted! —Carla, San Antonio, Texas

Wearing Two Hats

My husband and I found out our child's gender during my unplanned C-section. As tears streaked down my husband's face, he exclaimed, "It's a boy!" All our family and friends were waiting in the lobby, eager to find out our baby's gender. But since I had done all the hard work, my husband thought I should be the one to deliver the news. So our baby boy wore two caps in the nursery—one pink and one blue—until I came out of the operating room to share the news. — Melissa, Troy, Alabama

Having a Ball

My husband never made it a secret that he wanted a boy. So when my doctor told us we were having a girl, I couldn't help but be amused, especially when he said, "A girl? I can't play basketball with a girl!" Fast forward six months later, and he's already bought her a small stuffed basketball. — Jennifer, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

A Special Delivery

Patience isn't really our forte, but for our first baby, my husband and I opted not to find out the gender. We were very, very patient until I went past my due date, and by the time my doctor decided to induce me eight days later, we were on pins and needles with anticipation. When my doctor delivered our daughter, my mother, husband, and mother-in-law literally jumped up and down for joy. We couldn't believe she had finally arrived! — Sarah, Stearns, Kentucky

Mistaken Identity

After hearing the ultrasound technician tell me I was having a girl, I went wild. I bought dozens of little pink dresses and even painted my entire nursery pink. But the biggest surprise of all came the day I gave birth—to our son. Since I had brought nothing but dresses to the hospital, my friend had to run out to get an outfit for him to come home in! —Elizabeth, Tampa, Florida

Originally published in American Baby magazine, September 2005.

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