Moms speak out about the unique ways they satisfied their nesting instincts during pregnancy.

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I went on shopping sprees. I'd have days where I'd think that I didn't have enough things for the baby. I would spend entire days shopping for clothes and shoes. Needless to say, my daughter's now outgrown her expensive wardrobe.Melissa, Manchester, Vermont

Clean Freak

I became compulsively neat. At work I'd clean my desk and rearrange my files several times a day. But at home I was much worse -- I'd clean for hours until my husband finally had to take away my mop and sponges. In fact, he ultimately had to hide all of our cleaning supplies just to get me to stop. But my low point occurred when I took all of our towels and napkins out of the closet and ironed them!Alexis, Naval Station Mayport, Florida

Fast & Furious

I was obsessed with laundry. I was so consumed with this task that I couldn't do it fast enough. As soon as someone put even the smallest item down our laundry chute, I would put it in the washer. This little quirk drove my husband nuts!Stephanie, Union Grove, Wisconsin

Checking It Off

As someone who is very mellow, I surprised a lot of people by becoming a chronic listmaker during my pregnancy. I made a list of more than 100 things I wanted to accomplish before my baby arrived. Unfortunately, each time I crossed an item off my list, I ended up adding two more. By the time my baby arrived, I had completed my list but was almost too tired to push!Tiffany, Phoenix, Arizona

Get Cooking

I began to cook like a mad woman. I made apple pie, roasts, cakes, casseroles, and more. In fact, I was so successful that by the time our baby came, the freezer was full to the brim with meals, and my husband had gained 10 pounds!Serena, Chaska, Minnesota

Cleaning Daze

I was unmotivated to do anything until three days before my due date, when I got the sudden urge to clean our filthy refrigerator. I sorted through all of our food, wiped everything down, and even scrubbed the entire appliance with a toothbrush. Ironically, this project wore me out so much that I wasn't able to lift a finger until after I had the baby.Susie, Kalpine, North Dakota

Originally published in American Baby magazine, March 2006.

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