Don't become Pregzilla! Get your emotions under control with these smart tips.


___ Sleep, sleep, sleep! Make it a priority to get at least eight hours a night. Being well rested helps stabilize your mood, while a lack of zzzs will make you even crankier.

___ Get moving. Good news: You don't have to sweat your butt off to reap exercise's mood-boosting benefits. A relaxing prenatal yoga class or even a quick 10-minute lap around the block can do the trick.

___ Take a time-out when you start feeling stressed. Go for a drive, dunk in a warm, sudsy tub, or dive in to a good book. It's advice you hear all the time, but it really works!

___ Write it down. Keep two preggo journals if you want -- one where you coo and marvel over your amazing baby, and one where you vent about the sometimes-crappy side of things.

___ Choose a trusty confidante. Pick one friend to blab all your gripes to (preferably one who'll complain back to you too, so it's reciprocal), so you don't drive your mother or hubby crazy or start alienating everyone.

___ Buy something that makes you feel fab. As superficial as this may sound, it can do wonders for your self-esteem -- and, in turn, your mood. Treat yourself to a great new bag or a splurgy meal out with friends.

___ Don't get down on yourself for not feeling glowingly happy 24-7. (Please! Those women exist solely in dopey sitcoms.) Remember this very important fact: Every preggo lady has moments of bliss and unbearableness.

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