The trees and flowers aren't the only things blossoming! Your belly is changing right along with the season. Check out our favorite ways to have a fun springtime pregnancy.
Pregnant mom walking
Credit: Ericka McConnell

Plant a tree for your baby. What better way to mark this special time in your life than by engaging in the earth-friendly activity of planting a tree in Baby's honor? You'll love watching it grow right along with your little one.

Uncover your bump. After a season of being swaddled in thick sweaters and a parka, now's the time to shed some layers, Mama! It's springtime, so think colorful dresses and cardigans; pretty, lightweight scarves that pop with color; fun baubles; and flats.

Map a tree of your ancestry. Now that your own family is growing, take some time to learn about and honor your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. It's a great nesting activity, and it will help you feel even more connected to your family during this special time in your life. Plus, a picture of your family tree makes for adorable nursery décor: Paint it on the nursery wall or hang it as a print.

Go to a park. If you live in cold-weather country, chances are good that freezing temps and ice and snow have kept you indoors for much of the winter. (No preggo wants to slip and fall!) So take advantage of the warmer weather and get outdoors -- for exercise or even just a picnic in the park. Even more reason to spend time in green space: Recent research suggests that pregnant women who live in grass- and tree-filled neighborhoods have better birth outcomes than those who don't.

Plant a garden. Pick and choose a variety of flowers that will stand the test of time and the seasons. The fresh air and exercise will do you (and Baby) good. And if you don't have a green thumb, visit an arboretum or botanical garden instead -- you'll still get the benefit of fresh air and exercise!

Paint your belly. Get creative with body paint! Decorate your belly with butterflies (a la Mariah Carey), flowers, even an Easter egg. It's all good fun.

Buy flowers. Splurge on fresh flowers for your home. Research shows that people who surround themselves with fresh flowers or plants feel happier and more relaxed. Sounds good to us!

Skip the spring-cleaning. Are you cheering yet?! We're not suggesting you give up on the regular tidy-household stuff like washing dishes and dusting (just use chemical-free cleaning products), but you should skip anything that requires heavy lifting or climbing a ladder. So leave the mattress flipping and outdoor window washing to your partner -- or a pro!

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