Pregnancy brain is real! These moms and moms-to-be share their best (er, worst?) moments when the condition made them forgetful, confused, or just plain lost.
Pregnant woman struggles with pregnancy brain
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"I ordered a special ricotta birthday cake for my dad from one specific bakery, only to forget and send my husband to a different bakery to pick it up. I yelled and screamed at them [on the phone] and accused them of being negligent with their orders and said they were all incompetent. They felt so bad that they actually made us this special ricotta cake in three hours... I then later remembered that it was the wrong place." —Sabrina Accardi

"We all went to Chinatown for a Sunday lunch. On the way back to the car, we were looking at our reflections in the windows of a building and I noticed I was wearing two different pairs of running shoes. This was after being out for like four hours." —Veronica Reis

"I got off the train and went to the parking lot where my husband was picking me up. I noticed I didn't have my purse. I was sure I left it on the train. We drove to the next stop to get there before the train did, but the purse wasn't there. I called to cancel one of my credit cards and they told me I couldn't cancel after 5 p.m. I was so frustrated. All that to finally realize I had left it at work and never even brought it on the train with me in the first place." —Toula Yannakis

"I Instagrammed a photo of my dog holding a 'happy birthday' sign for my sister. I even double-checked it just in case and then I posted it. Two seconds later, my sister calls me to make fun of me. I had misspelled 'happy birthday.'" —Francesca Caruana

"When you bring multiple lunches to work one day... And forget your lunch totally the next." —Amanda Whitney Fournier

"There was one day after work where, of course, before sitting in traffic on my way home, I ran to the ladies' room. Not wanting to bring my phone with me, I put it down... somewhere. I searched for about 30 minutes—my desk, my purse, the reception area, the lunch area—no phone. I retraced my steps about 20 times only to find that for some reason I had placed my phone on top of the most random display case in the lobby, a five-and-a-half-foot tall cabinet that I clearly would have had to reach up high to place the phone on, seeing as how I am all of five feet. I guess it made sense when I did it." —Lisa DiMaria

"I came home after a long day of working. I was bringing groceries in the door when my oldest came up to me at the same time to help finish cutting his hair in the back. I went in the bathroom and turned on the shaver, literally shaved off a chunk, then I realized I forgot to put on the piece to keep it long. He had to shave his whole head. I felt terrible but we ended up laughing as a family." —Keli Ann Gajewski

"I just walked right up to a glass railing thinking it was the exit of the seating area at the airport lounge. The businessmen occupying the chairs there looked pretty confused as they watched me, but not as confused as me!" —Davina Kudish

"When you suddenly wake up at 3:30 in the morning and realize you went grocery shopping after work and never brought the groceries in." —Kala Elizabeth Hill

"I walked in to Dollarama and asked someone which aisle the crazy glue was in. Sat in front of the choices, pondering which one would work best on fixing my leather shoes. Next thing I know, I'm driving home, crazy glue in the cup holder. I was so preoccupied, I walked out of the store without paying, got in the car and was halfway home before I came out of my fog and realized what happened." —Kristine Music

"I did a load of laundry without detergent, and I spent 10 minutes looking for my phone while talking on it." —Megan Lund Lizotte

"It's sad when you order food, and when they bring it to you and you open the door, you've already forgotten you ordered it." —Stevie Keller

"I drove to my nearby ice cream shop for a pastry. I was in the middle of catching up on House of Lies, and for some reason, I left with the remote for the TV. When I got back, ready to indulge and press resume, the remote was nowhere to be found. I was devastated. I was home alone so I knew no one had it, but for the life of me I couldn't eat my pastry without finding the remote. At this point I was crying because I was hungry and I just wanted the remote. Finally, I gave up and just found the show online and finished the episode—only to find the remote later that night in my car as I was heading out." —Natasha Jack, the writer of Mom, Actually!

"Every time I would drive home after work, or after being out, I would find myself driving home, but to my parents home. Why? I have no idea. I hadn't lived there in over six years!" —Lindsey Haywood