Oh, what a joyous nine months.


"Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes."

-- Joyce Armor

"Every time my mother became pregnant, [my father] ... would announce to her that 'the glorious walks' must begin. These glorious walks consisted of him taking her to places of great beauty in the countryside and walking with her for about an hour each day so that she could absorb the splendor of the surroundings. His theory was that if the eye of a pregnant woman was constantly observing the beauty of nature, this beauty would somehow become transmitted to the mind of the unborn baby within her womb ... "

-- Ronald Dahl

"I think it is such a privilege to give a baby its first home inside your body. [After the pregnancy was over] I found myself massaging my stomach gently. I miss him being in my body -- stretching, hiccupping even. It was a wonderful, deep, loving, fulfilling feeling."

-- Celine Dion

" ... All the time we wondered and wondered who is this person coming/growing/turning/floating/swimming deep, deep inside."

-- Crescent Dragonwagon

"The news of my pregnancy got out when I was in the middle of my first trimester. I hadn't even had a chance to tell my friends. That alone was so ugly. It made me hyper-protective ... I feel uncomfortable with people reading too much about my pregnancy or my relationship. It grosses me out. It's too sweet to read about or dissect ... "

-- Jennifer Garner

"I did yoga the morning I went into labor and the week after, which makes me sound so fierce and fabulous, but really it's just the thing that kept me comfortable in my body and kept my head on straight."

-- Helen Hunt

"Your boobs've gone up 10 times in size, Your cups've gone up from an A to D, That's bad for you, but it's fun for me ... I ain't no baddie, I am your baby's daddy."

-- Chris Martin of Coldplay, sung to pregnant wife Gwyneth Paltrow

"The weird thing about the pee thing is that it starts almost the moment you find out you're pregnant. That seems so weird to me because there clearly isn't a seven-pound baby pushing on your bladder at that time. Still, I woke up in those early months at 2 a.m., and then at 3 a.m., and then at 6 a.m. No rest for the weary. It was just pee, pee, pee."

-- Jenny McCarthy

"I'd get out of the bath, and my husband and I would stand in front of the bathroom mirror and look at my reflection like I was a science experiment -- like, Wow, look at that! Look what's happening over here!"

-- Debra Messing

"Pregnancy defined is: Getting company inside one's skin."

-- Maggie Scarf

"Eating for two is so much fun; I get to eat lots and lots!"

-- Britney Spears

"When I was pregnant ... I was a woman. No deadlines or curtains to meet. Whenever I thought of what was growing inside me [I felt that it was] a miracle, the height of creativity for any woman."

-- Barbra Streisand

"To be pregnant has been for me each time the supreme joy ... I was doing the greatest thing in the world without having to do anything -- all I had to do was be."

-- Gloria Vanderbilt

"I was surprised when the ultrasound revealed that I was having a girl. I was convinced I was having a boy. And I was completely confounded by the fact that I wasn't in control of the situation; that I was being introduced to a different individual coming into my life."

-- Reese Witherspoon

Originally published on AmericanBaby.com, February 2007.

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