Pregnancy Emotions

Your hormones are raging, so it's no wonder you're a firestorm of emotions! Here's how to cope with the ups and downs throughout pregnancy -- including important information to help you manage depression, stress, fear, and more.

Love and Pregnancy: 5 Ways Pregnancy Will Change Your Relationship

That little babe of yours is already making her mark!

Top 5 Pregnancy Fears

New mom anxieties both big and small -- and how to stop losing sleep over them.

The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy Emotions

Here's a trimester-by-trimester guide to surviving -- and thriving -- during your wild pregnancy ride.

Am I Nuts? Understanding Your Pregnancy Emotions and Mood Swings

It's not you, it's your hormones causing those crazy mood swings. Other moms share their pregnancy freak-out moments.

I Hated Being Pregnant

Pregnancy was not the best time of my life. There, I said it. And you can too.

Why Is My Pregnant Wife So Moody?

Expert advice for one husband who ponders when his pregnant wife's wild mood swings will disappear.

Second-Pregnancy Differences

You may feel like a pregnancy pro, but carrying baby number two can be a surprisingly unique experience.

"I Feel Fat" and Other Pregnancy Emotions

Blissful one minute, and totally freaked out the next? We'll help you deal with the ups and downs of pregnancy.

Jamie Otis Is Every Pregnant Mom-to-Be With Her 15-Week Confessions

The reality star says she's feeling "healthier" in her second pregnancy, but still admits to some common early pregnancy fears.

Great Things About Being Pregnant

Had it with being tired and carrying around extra weight? Consider these reasons to celebrate being pregnant.

Quiz: Is Your Pregnancy Stress Healthy--Or Harmful?

Pregnancy comes with a new set of stressors in your life: mood swings, anxiety, and the pressure of carrying a new life inside you. Take this quiz to find out how you're handling your pregnancy stress.

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15 Hysterical Mommy-to-Be Meltdowns

Pregnancy hormones can do a number on your emotions, and the highs and lows you experience can be downright dramatic -- you may cry for an hour because your hubby ate all the Ben & Jerry's. Here, real moms share their funniest flip-outs.

3 Pregnancy Symptoms That Make You Feel Crappy

Pregnancy got you feeling a little rough? Here's how to get relief from 3 common pregnancy symptoms: morning sickness, constipation, and heartburn.

A New Cure for Pregnancy Loneliness

Pregnant? Tune in to our new podcast: Pregnancy Confidential.

Coping With Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy

Psychiatrists who specialize in pregnancy and treatment options that can deliver relief can help expectant moms suffering from these mental health conditions.

11 Things NO Pregnant Woman Wants to Hear

From your birthing horror story to that offhand "wide load" joke, pretty much anything that comes out of your mouth can offend a pregnant womanunless you're telling her she looks better than Beyonce and can't possibly be due so soon. But in case you're not clued in, we offer this handy guide to what not to say to someone who's expecting.

9 Crazy (But Common) Pregnancy Dreams--Decoded

Got some interesting scenes playing out in your dreams at night? It's your body prepping for Baby. Here's what they mean.

The Multiple Personalities of Pregnancy

Get ready for a takeover -- of your mind and body -- by these 10 types.

Antidepressants and Birth Control Pills

Before you treat your symptoms of depression with antidepressants, learn how they may decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills.

When Rude Comments Cause Pregnancy Discomfort

Don't let rude remarks or inappropriate behavior get to you -- just have the last word.

Common Pregnancy Dreams and What's Really Behind Them

What's the meaning of some of those crazy dreams you've been having?

Strange Sex Dreams During Pregnancy

Expert advice on what could be causing one woman to have out-of-the-ordinary sexual fantasy dreams during her pregnancy.

9 Pregnancy Secrets No One Tells You (But Should!)

Unwanted pregnancy advice? You could write a book about it, no doubt. But there are some things people don't tell you that you actually do need to hear.

Early Pregnancy Anxiety: One Mom-to-Be's First 20 Days

Seeing that plus sign is life-changing, yes, but it's not always an instant dose of happy. One mom-to-be documented her early-pregnancy emotions, and reveals what the first 20 days of her pregnancy were really like.

25 Great Things About Being Pregnant

By now you've probably had it with always being tired and carrying around extra weight. But why not consider all the reasons to celebrate these nine months? In case you're too grumpy to think of any, here's a list.

Attention, Texters! New Emojis Perfect for Pregnancy Are in the Works

Some of the new emojis being considered are perfect for expectant moms.