Pregnancy Emotions

Your hormones are raging, so it's no wonder you're a firestorm of emotions! Here's how to cope with the ups and downs throughout pregnancy -- including important information to help you manage depression, stress, fear, and more.

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How I'm Preparing for Postpartum Anxiety as an Already Anxious Person
If you are a pregnant woman who already has a generalized anxiety disorder, you may be at higher risk for postpartum anxiety. Here's how to prepare.
Anxiety Kept Me From Enjoying My Pregnancy
It's hard to feel excited about your future child when you can't stop focusing on what could go wrong.
Why Am I So Mad? Dealing with Anger During Pregnancy
Pregnancy mood swings are no one's friend. But what happens if they make you so angry that you see red? Get the scoop on this tough pregnancy emotion, plus tips on how to deal.
What it's Really Like to Feel Depressed During Pregnancy
I wanted so much to feel happy, to feel joyous and lucky because I knew I was all of those things, yet I couldn't quite get a hold of the emotions.
What to Do If You Worry You Won't Love Your Second Child As Much As Your First
When author Jenny Mollen was pregnant with her second son, Lazlo, she was convinced she wouldn't love this baby as much as her first, Sid. She quickly learned a mother's love is infinite.

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