5 Fun Ways to Share Your Birth Announcement on Facebook

Try one of these creative ideas to share a baby birth announcement for your new bundle of joy.

In a world of constant tagging, sharing, and liking, posting your birth announcement on Facebook can lead it to being overlooked on your friends' newsfeeds, especially if it's the 10th one they've seen in a month. Instead of just posting a picture of your newborn, try one of these fresh ways to make your birth announcement stand out on your social network.

Craft a Personal Announcement

Before you give birth, take a trip to your local craft store to stock up on patterned paper, markers, letter stickers, and other embellishments to make a handcrafted DIY announcement. Tape the most important piece -- a photo of your baby -- on to the announcement after the birth. "Nowadays you can't send a birth announcement without a baby picture," says Amanda Kingloff, author of the upcoming craft book Project Kid. Take a few shots of your homemade announcement and post the best one on Facebook -- making sure that your announcement is large enough to be legible!

Make a Video Diary

Use a mobile app to compose a short video of pictures and clips that chronicled your pregnancy (including belly shots). Depending on what app you use, video lengths can vary; popular apps like Vine allows for six seconds, Instagram and Flipagram allow for 15 seconds, and Videolicious allows for a minute. You can end the video with a shot of your newborn alone, with siblings, or surrounded by family, or you can wrap up with a slide with information about the birth. You can also film a video using your smartphone's built-in camera and post it on Facebook.

Post Your Own Baby Photos

Post your announcement with a picture of your baby along with baby pictures of you and your partner, Kingloff says. Then poll your friends to see which parent they think the baby resembles most. In addition to your best baby shots, Kingloff recommends including the essential info everyone will care about: your baby's name, birth date (and/or time of birth), and measurements (length and weight).

Debut a Holiday-Themed Photo

Depending on when your baby is born, consider using a holiday photo as part of your birth announcement. Whether it's Baby's First Christmas, Baby's First Halloween Costume, or Baby's First 4th of July, you'll be sure to find a timely holiday to center your announcement around. If you get stuck, think about some family traditions you have throughout the year, like an annual beach vacation, and focus the announcement around your baby's introduction to special family moments.

Create a Cover Photo

Share the news of your baby's birth by designing a cover photo that doubles as an announcement on your own page or on a Facebook group page. If you don't have imaging software like Photoshop, use SmileBox.com or PageModo.com to create and customize your own cover photo, Kingloff suggests. When well-wishes for your new family member start to roll in, turn Facebook comments and shared photos of your baby into a printed book through sites like Blurb.com, Snapfish.com, Shutterfly.com, or PinholePress.com. For photos-only sites, try ArtifactUprising.com. The books are perfect for parents who love to look back through congratulatory messages, Kingloff says. Be sure to make a copy for the new grandparents to flip through too!

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