5 Best Pregnancy Apps

These personalized pregnancy apps can track your week-by-week milestones, appointment schedule, symptoms, and even contractions. Plus, they give you access to medical professionals, informational articles and other mothers when you need some support. Find the one that's right for you.

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Glow Nurture

Glow App
Courtesy of Apple and Glow Nurture

Equipped with a due date calendar, health log, personalized health insights, and an appointment planner, the Glow Nurture app is all about customization. With this pregnancy app, you'll get alerts and insights based on your personal data, a symptoms tracker, community support, and daily articles full of up-to-date info on being pregnant. The all-in-one experience also offers baby bump photo sharing, hospital bag and registry checklists, fetal development images, and even medication reminders.

What we like most: The inclusiveness of postpartum and miscarriage support for all moms who download Glow Nurture.

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The Bump

The Bump App
Courtesy of Apple and The Bump

Besides being beautiful and super user-friendly, The Bump pregnancy app is a master at streamlining thanks to a planner, 3D visuals of your baby’s growth, editorial articles, and a large catalog of baby products and reviews from all major retailers.

What we like most: The Bump offers real-time answers to your questions from reliable sources such as The Bump editorial staff, medical experts, and other moms, too.

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The Bump App
Courtesy of Apple and Ovia

Ovia is all about personalizing the way you track your baby’s growth and development. Features such as timelines that provide supporting articles and advice based on your data, weekly reports on your pregnancy process, and pregnancy milestones tracking are all customized to your user experience. Other tracking resources for baby names, gender, goals, and health keep your information organized and your research efficient.

What we like most: The app’s fully integrated connection to Apply Health is super convenient.

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Sprout App
Courtesy of Apple and Sprout

Known for its 3D interactive experience, Sprout simulations allow you to watch lifelike baby movements, kicking, and heartbeats. But that’s not all Sprout brings to the table. The app’s pregnancy journal is easily transferable to a PDF for effortless printing, and it offers daily and weekly updates and checklists on your growing LO.

What we like most: Handy tools like the weight tracker, kick counter, and contraction timer are extremely useful.

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Totally Pregnant

Totally Pregnant App
Courtesy of Apple and Totally Pregnant

Ideal for meeting other new moms, the Totally Pregnant app is a great resource to use during such a high research time in your life—it even allows you to live chat with other pregnant women around the world. The app is most known for their 3D videos of growing babies, but it offers so much more like access to vlogs posted by other moms, virtual prenatal classes, and a birth plan creator.

What we like most: You can set up your registry through the app and even document your pregnancy through a personalized photo album.

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