Print out and discuss these questions with your doctor.

If you're on bed rest, you have many questions about your medical situation, the terms of your bed rest, and what you can and can't do while on bed rest. The following list of questions will help you clarify your bed rest limitations. Print them out and get the answers from your doctor:

Medical questions

  • Why do I need to go on bed rest?
  • Do I need to take any medication?
  • Will I receive any testing or medical monitoring?

Mobility questions

  • Can I sit up in bed?
  • Can I get out of bed?
  • Can I walk at all?
  • Do I need to lie in a particular position?
  • Can I reach for things or do I have to use a reaching device?

Lifestyle questions

  • Under what circumstances (if any) can I continue to work?
  • Can I continue to do housework? If so, how much and what types?
  • Should I stop driving?
  • Should I abstain from or limit sex? If so, what are the limits?
  • Can I take a shower or bath, or do I have to take a sponge bath in bed?
  • Can I get out of bed to wash my hair?
  • Do I have to use a bedpan or can I get up to use the toilet?
  • When can I have visitors, and how many at a time?

Source: Elizabeth Pryor, MD, FACOG

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