Bed Rest

Every year, thousands of women are put on bed rest to help manage potential health and pregnancy complications. Check out our survival guide tips to help you stay healthy, keep busy, focus on your growing baby, and pamper yourself, too!

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6 Pregnancy Exercises You Can Do on Bed Rest

These bed exercises can help you stay in shape, both physically and emotionally, if you're put on bed rest during pregnancy.
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Bed Rest 101: What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

Is bed rest really necessary? While it's recommended for a number of pregnancy conditions, the practice may be going out of style.
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13 Stay-Busy Bed Rest Ideas

Whether you're on strict bed rest or partial bed rest, these creative, fun, and useful ideas are sure to alleviate boredom and help you be more productive. 
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Bed Rest: 19 Survival Supplies

More and more women find themselves bound to bed rest during pregnancy. Stock up on these supplies if you find yourself among the nearly one million moms-to-be told to put your feet up. Some easy planning can help you feel more comfortable and keep you busy, too!
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Your Complete Guide to Bed Rest

Nearly one in five pregnant women is ordered off her feet. But is bed rest the best way to head off pregnancy complications?
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