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Hair can be unruly any time, but when you're pregnant it can really be an unnecessary source of anxiety. Get some advice from the pros at Bumble and Bumble in New York City on the best cuts and styles for expectant and new moms.

  • Don't go drastic. At the moment when your body is in a constant state of flux, you may be tempted to exercise control over some part of your life. For example: getting a major haircut. Bumble and Bumble stylist Nikki An notes that many pregnant women come to Bumble and Bumble to get a new, easy look, and often want to cut their hair off. An recommends that they keep their locks longer, softer, and never make a drastic change -- as they'll most likely regret it later. Keep in mind that having shorter hair doesn't always mean that it will be easy or less time-consuming to style. It's a good idea to stay within a range of length and shape that you're already comfortable with.
  • Consider your new face shape. Many women find that their faces get fuller during pregnancy and should consider that when getting a new cut. Stylist Barry suggests, "It's best to avoid blunt bangs and lots of layers because they only accentuate a heavier face." Nikki explains, "Wearing hair straight, at shoulder length or a little longer, can help create the illusion of a slender face."
  • Conquer curls without chemicals. If your hair isn't naturally straight and you have the time and energy for heat styling, go for it. Prep damp hair by combing through a dollop of straightening balm. Then blow dry with a round, natural-bristle brush, being careful to point the nozzle down the hair shaft, to ensure a smooth finish. If you prefer to keep your curls intact, just run a light-hold gel through towel-dried hair to keep frizzies in check.
  • Go low-maintenance. Once you've given birth you probably won't have much free time, let alone 15 minutes to wash your hair and primp. This is reason enough to get a cut that you don't have to style every day. Stylist Shirley Ching notes that few women have the time to come in for regular cuts when they're toting a baby, so she recommends longer styles as being easier to maintain. Hair that can be pulled back is best, advises stylist Ramona. This is especially true when your baby is grabbing anything she can get her hands on. Good news -- ponytails are chic and practical. Slick hair back into a low ponytail with a leather cord or ribbon wrapped around the elastic for an updated look.

Other timesaving tips:

  • Sprinkle a dry shampoo or hair powder on roots in between washings.
  • Look for two-in-one styling aids.
  • Skip the blow dryer.
  • Braid wet hair in the morning and by the time you take it out in the evening you'll have sexy waves.
  • Invest in a few pretty barrettes or ponytail holders for a more polished take on a quick French twist or ponytail.

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